Cluster Focus Groups


The cluster focus groups are voluntary expert communities that bring together various cluster partners from research and industry. They share the skills and interests in technological topics that are relevant and strategic for Silicon Alps. Four cluster focus groups will be continued in 2022: RFID, Smart Systems & System Integration, Cleanroom Technology and Cyber Security.

In the scope of the cluster focus groups:

  • Presenting and spreading best practices, competences & capabilities, new knowledge
  • Fostering innovation through the enabling of cooperation in projects
  • Eliciting awareness for the key technologies/competences of the region (attraction factor for the specialists of tomorrow)

Their main goal is to initiate collaborations in projects. The following categories of endeavors are defined as projects:

  • Large collaborations in extensive lead projects
  • Smaller consortia to develop specific product ideas
  • Transfer of know-how – e.g. as part of an FFG innovation course
  • Awareness building project (for marketing purposes, HR cooperation with schools, etc.)

Silicon Alps has the task of attracting the interest and mobilizing the right actors for the topics that are the most relevant and innovative for the Silicon Alps region. The implementation of the resulting ideas in projects (including the management)  should be carried out independently by project consortia. If necessary, the cluster supports the dissemination.

Each cluster focus group carries out its activities by means of preparatory CFG meetings (usually twice a year) and special workshops, the contents of which are developed jointly by the group members. These events are intended to promote the interaction of the members on key topics by means of keynotes and group discussions. They should generate concrete ideas for cooperation. In order to efficiently address challenges from different application areas and  enabling technologies and solutions from the Silicon Alps network, we aim at closely working with application-oriented clusters and professional associations / associations.

In addition, the groups initiate projects with the aim of promoting key technologies of the Silicon Alps partners.

Cluster Focus Groups!

If you are interested in actively participating in one of the groups, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


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