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Our areas of excellence

This is what the south of austria stands for throughout europe.

The Cluster Focus

The SILICON ALPS Cluster network extends beyond the field of microelectronics. It covers the entire value chain from technology development, design, electronics and microelectronics manufacturing, assembly, system integration, engineering, process technology, equipment, specialized service providers, software development and software integration, as well as relevant research and education.


In the pursuit of excellence in EBS technologies, the network has established four thematic Areas of Excellence (ArEx). Within these areas, expert groups are formed, drawing members from diverse cluster partners. Each group operates under the guidance of a dedicated manager, ensuring a collaborative environment where strategically significant skills and expertise are shared and exchanged, tailored to their specific domains.

Goals of our areas of excellence

Als Hauptziel wird die Entwicklung von Forschungs- und Innovationsprojekten angestrebt. SILICON ALPS hat die Aufgabe, das Interesse zu wecken und die richtigen Akteure für die Themen zu mobilisieren, die für die Region SILICON ALPS am relevantesten und innovativsten sind.

Promotion of innovation through enabling collaborations in projects.

Presentation and dissemination of best practices, competencies & skills, and new knowledge (trends).

Raising awareness for the key technologies/competencies of the region (attraction factor for the professionals of tomorrow).

Areas of Excellence

SILICON ALPS has the mission to spark interest and mobilize the right stakeholders for topics that are most relevant and innovative for the SILICON ALPS region.

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Area projects

Here you can find examples of projects that have been carried out in our Areas of ​​Excellence.


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