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Become a partner

Become a partner

At SILICON ALPS you are always partner, not just member

The SILICON ALPS network is renowned for its highly cooperative community of entrepreneurs, startups, enterprises, SME, academic and research institutions.

If your business or application field is centred around EBS and you are not only familiar but an advocate of concepts of innovation and coopetition, we invite you to become part of the most successful high tech network in Austria. SILICON ALPS is strongly interrelated with other clusters, as well as with international networks, such as the Silicon Europe Alliance. We assist our partners in promoting the development of new technologies and procedures, initiate partnerships and cooperative projects and support you in getting access to new markets. Thanks to the exceptional commitment of our team, partners and shareholders, SILICON ALPS has grown into a continuously expanding, efficient and vital network.

How to become a partner

Get in touch

Step into contact or directly apply for membership, we will have a look at your profile and get back to you within a working day.

Goal-Definition of cooperation

We will together make out the scope and mutual benefit within the cluster

Cooperation announcement

According to your goals, we will make you and your company visible within and outside the network. You may take part in a Cluster Focus Group, participate in events and we make sure you quickly become an active cooperation partner.

Let’s cluster!

Together we will drive innovation, foster domain knowledge, set up cooperations and boost braingain of the SILICON ALPS region. Let’s cluster!

You want to become a SILICON ALPS partner?

Benefits for SILICON ALPS partners

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Access to

Access to
partners-only events

Get visibility
through our channels

Always be up-to-date
concerning technology

Access to new markets
and international cooperations

Get Support at talent
scouting and HR management

Learn more about our services

FAQs about the partnership

Who may become partner?

No matter if start-ups, SME, industry, research and educational institution, as long as your content orientation coincides with the Silicon Alps core technologies (Electronic Based Systems) and the resulting application fields and solutions. Although the Silicon Alps region mainly involves the wonderful states of Carinthia and Styria, the network is always open to other Austrian regions, as long as the mutual benefit prevails. The network’s interest is always open to partners who, within the framework of their cooperative activities, contribute to increasing the added value in Carinthia and Styria and to advancing the development of Silicon Alps technology topics.

How can I become a partner?

You have to fill in the application form. After contacting us, we will assign a team member in charge according to your portfolio, who steps into contact with you.

How much does the partnership cost?

The annual fees follow a fixed table in regard to the annual turnover of your business of the preceding year with special agreements for startups, societies, research institutions, academia and NGOs. In order to get the most for you and the network, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to inform you about services, possibilities and perspectives as a SILICON ALPS partner.

What happens after I became a partner? Is there a onboarding-service?

When you decided to become a partner, you will immediately get access to your partner profile and be able to easily edit your profile just like a micro-website. At the latest with our monthly newsletter, you will be introduced to the network and beyond. But this is just the beginning,  your dedicated team member will be happy to discuss all further services with you.

What benefits do partners get?

SILICON ALPS Cluster is a fast-growing network of companies, organisations and research institutions dedicated to supporting the electronic and microelectronic sector in the South of Austria. All of our partners from the industry, scientific organisations and public institutions benefit from both, the synergetic effects of all partners and also the opportunities of the internationalisation campaign of Silicon Alps. See our list of services for more information.

You want to get to know our partner-network?

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