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Cyber Security Systems

Cyber Security Systems

Recent headlines frequently spotlight issues like ransomware, data breaches, and attacks on public infrastructure.

The SILICON ALPS Cluster’s „Area of Excellence Cyber Security Systems“ emphasizes the region’s depth in „Cyber Security“ expertise.


At TU Graz, a team of around 50 at the „Applied Information Processing and Communication“ institute explores areas such as advanced „Crypto-implementations,“ „Secure e-Government,“ and „Trustworthy Systems.“ Joanneum Research has a dedicated group focusing on cyber security and defense, with special attention to Security by Design and Thread Modeling. Meanwhile, the „Cyber Security Research Group“ at Alpen Adria University is immersed in the design and execution of cryptography and secure systems. The region’s industrial sector is also robust, featuring key players like NXP, BearingPoint, Siemens, and mgIT.


Each year, the Cluster hosts a series of events on Cyber Security Systems, fostering a stronger professional network. These events bring together experts from academia and industry to discuss the latest developments. Given the success of the „Spotlight Cyber Security Series,“ a collaborative annual event series has been established with partners like JOANNEUM Research and TU Graz.

Important trends of the area

The increasing digitization in both private and professional environments, data exchange with suppliers along the supply chain, as well as the networking and integration of production facilities and critical infrastructure, necessitate the protection of these systems from criminal cyberattacks. What are the key trends in this area?

Quantum Technology

Quantum security is gaining importance in cybersecurity due to the potential threat posed by quantum computers. These effectively overcome traditional encryption algorithms that protect sensitive data. Traditional encryption is based on mathematical problems, while quantum computers can perform calculations exponentially faster through the principles of quantum mechanics.


The significance of quantum security lies in its ability to safeguard critical infrastructures, financial systems, and sensitive sectors from potential attacks by future quantum computers. Through quantum-resistant encryption algorithms and quantum-safe practices, organizations can securely protect their data in the post-quantum era.

Artificial Intelligence

AI enhances cybersecurity by analyzing vast amounts of data and detecting threats. Continuous monitoring of network traffic and user behavior allows for early identification of anomalies and suspicious activities. Automated incident response processes enable rapid reactions to cyberattacks. AI solutions combat advanced malware through behavioral analysis. Analyzing user behavior helps identify compromised accounts and insider attacks. Overall, AI is crucial for real-time threat detection and protection against cyberattacks.

IT security for production facilities (OT-Security)

Operational Technology (OT) security is crucial in the connected world. OT controls physical devices in industries such as manufacturing, energy, and healthcare. The increasing digitization makes OT networks prime targets for cybercriminals, with potential severe consequences like operational disruptions and financial losses. Robust OT security measures are essential since industries heavily rely on OT systems. The security of these systems is vital to prevent interruptions and threats to public safety. Breaches in OT systems can lead to significant operational disruptions; therefore, effective OT security measures are of paramount importance for the smooth running of industrial processes.

Our partners from the Cyber Security Systems area

Projects from the area

The Area of Excellence offers partner companies the opportunity, among other things, for mutual exchange and to identify and develop cooperative projects.

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Mag. Michael Zwantschko

Business Development & Innovation Manager

After finishing my master in business administration at the Karl-Franzens-University at Graz I started my professional career at an international operating automotive supplier where I gained a lot of experience in leading international project teams and working in an industrial area. As a Project & Business Development Manager I had the chance to evolve several projects in the renewable energy sector as well as in the engineering industry before I started my career as a Business Consultant for foreign direct investments.

As a Project Manager for Technology & Innovation within the SILICON ALPS Cluster I use my network and my professional know-how about the business locations to develop projects, represent the eco system on an international level and connecting people for success.


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