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Working in EBS

Working in Electronic Based Systems Industry

The Electronic Based Systems (EBS) industry is a hub of groundbreaking innovation, propelling today’s technological frontiers. Professionals in EBS are immersed in the latest advancements, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving career. With its blend of challenge and opportunity, the EBS sector is a magnet for those eager to shape tomorrow’s tech landscape.

The SILICON ALPS Cluster provides possibilities in the field of Electronic Based Systems (EBS).

SILICON ALPS Cluster drives initiatives that increase the workforce for our industry via project developments, internationally. On a national level, the Cluster activities within the field of human capital management include career events as well as MINT projects with different levels of education.


The swift pace of digital transformation presents evolving challenges for society at large. As the need for well-versed professionals surges, aligning employee training and development with these demands becomes vital for enduring business success.


The SILICON ALPS Cluster provides member employees with opportunities in the EBS realm and facilitates the continuous education of its workforce. This empowers the community’s members to adeptly navigate future challenges with a skilled team. Dive into our qualification initiatives, explore pertinent training, and stay inspired as we continually set innovative benchmarks.

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