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Smart Sensor Systems

Smart Sensor Systems

In many areas of our industry, the use of sensors for measurement and control has become crucial.

Various subject areas emerged: ‚Dependable Systems,‘ ‚Condition Monitoring,‘ and the use of sensor technology in the field of circular economy, including topics such as ‚digital Twin‘ with the corresponding interface between the real and digital world, as well as ‚Sensors for harsh environments.‘ Additional potential topics include self-calibrating systems, sensor data evaluations, sensor data fusion, and LiDAR.


The primary objectives of this topic management initiative centered on enhancing networking and bolstering support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and universities, notably the Higher Technical Institutes (HTLs). There’s also a concerted effort to amplify the prevailing expertise in the region and to integrate sensor technology within the CrossCluster framework. This initiative encompasses diverse sectors, including Automotive, Green, Health, Logistics/Packaging, and Food. Consequently, there have been notable strides in sensor-specific project development:


  1. Cockpit of the Future: This initiative delves into sensor technology, electronic braking systems (EBS), and data processing, particularly within the realms of mobility and medicine.
  2. ARTURO: This project zeroes in on sensor technology and sensor readout, combined with microfluidics and data analysis, especially in the medical domain.


A broader vision for the SAC region is to position itself as a leading hub for „Smart Sensor Systems.“ To this end, an inaugural core team, comprising roughly 40 stakeholders, has been pinpointed and mobilized. The overarching goal is to strategically promote this domain, with a particular emphasis on research & development, industry applications, and practical implementations.

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DI (FH) Gernot Eder

Site Manager Graz & Business Development

After my studies as a Health Care Engineer – focusing on medical technologies and health informatics – at the University of Applied Sciences Graz, I made my first professional experiences at GS1 in Vienna. In the field of logistics, I have been involved in numerous projects with hospitals, medical technology and pharma companies. After my return to Graz, I was able to shape the field of medical technologies at the Cluster as a business developer, pushing important topics such as sensor technologies, microelectronics or production technologies in the life science context on the national and international levels. With the foundation of nubid, I have been able to support numerous companies and start-ups in the field of medical technologies and digitization in expanding their business.

As Business Development and Innovation Manager I can perfectly use my experience and network from science and business to generate added value for our partners at the SILICON ALPS Cluster. Especially in the context of sensor technologies and microelectronics, I will push the topics of start-up ecosystem and project development as well as internationalization.

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