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RFID & wireless IoT

RFID & wireless IoT

For years, Carinthia and Styria have been recognized as RFID hotspots – more than 50 percent of the produced RFID chips come from the SILICON ALPS region.

RFID, the technology for contactless data transmission, simplifies many processes in the economy. With the „Internet of Things,“ the innovation field of „Wireless Technologies“ becomes a part of everyone’s daily life.

The term „wireless technologies“ refers to application areas such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), the growing field of „wireless Internet of Things“ (wireless IoT), „NFC,“ and „Ultra-Wideband.“


In the „Area of Excellence RFID and wireless IoT,“ the focus is primarily on new use cases and the question of how these technologies can optimize business processes. Whether in logistics, retail, or production, but also in the event and art sectors, tailor-made solutions are typically required based on experience.


The goal of the „Area of Excellence RFID & wireless IoT“ of the SILICON ALPS Cluster is to bring together „Wireless Experts“ from industry and research with users of wireless technologies. This collaboration results in co-creative and cooperative concepts and projects. A core group is intended to advise, support, and cooperate in the development and implementation of these projects. Through the work of partners in the Area of Excellence, the potentials of „Wireless Technologies“ and the region’s contribution to their developments become more visible – both locally and globally.

Our partners from the RFID & wireless IoT area

World-renowned brands like Mifare, Hitag, and Legic were born in southern Austria, where over 90% of the cluster partners‘ products are exported. As the „Internet of Things“ expands, the region is leveraging additional wireless technologies like NFC and Ultra-Wideband. The „Area of Excellence RFID and wireless IoT“ focuses on new use cases and optimizing various business processes, aiming to unite providers, researchers, and users for collaborative development and innovation.

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