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News > RFID & Wireless IoT: What’s next? Community Event x Field Trip - Report

RFID & Wireless IoT: What’s next? Community Event x Field Trip - Report


SILICON Alps Cluster:

RFID & Wireless IoT: What’s next?

Community Event x Field Trip – Report


On November 8, 2023, this event at TAGnology RFID GmbH and Austrian Institute of Innovation in Voitsberg featured two pivotal segments that brought together theory and practice in the realm of sustainable innovation and circular economy.


After a presentation of TAGnology, that just joined SILICON ALPS’ network, the first part was led by Tassilo Pellegrini from the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten (FHSTP). He delivered an insightful presentation on the Digital Product Passport (DPP4ALL), shedding light on the necessity of tracking and managing products sustainably from production to disposal. Pellegrini elaborated on DPP’s role as a comprehensive product database, detailing material composition, recyclability, and other vital information. This initiative aligns with current environmental priorities in product design and manufacturing. The legal framework surrounding DPP, particularly the upcoming Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) or the new EU Battery Directive, coming fully into force in February 2027, was highlighted as a critical element for companies integrating DPP into their operations.


Pellegrini addressed the technical challenges in implementing DPP systems, including product identification, data carriers, and IT infrastructure. Real-world examples from various industries demonstrated the practical challenges and diverse applications of DPP. The presentation offered concrete recommendations, urging companies to understand their data needs and align their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics with DPP standards. This approach is fundamental not only for compliance but also for leveraging data for improved sustainability practices and operational efficiency.


In the second segment, TAGnology RFID GmbH demonstrated how an innovative digitalisation of the supply chain can pave the way towards the circular economy. At the Austrian Institute of Innovation compentence center, they showcased their sophisticated system for product and warehouse management. The meeting provided a forum for industry leaders to exchange insights, discuss new technologies, and explore practical implementations, highlighting the collaborative effort within the industry to push forward sustainable and technologically advanced solutions. The convergence of theory and practice emphasized the industry’s commitment to integrating innovative technologies into business practices.


Overall, the event organized by the Silicon Alps Cluster in collaboration with TAGnology RFID GmbH was a compelling blend of informative presentation and practical demonstration, emphasizing the industry’s drive toward sustainable solutions and technological advancement. It served as a call to action for companies aiming for a more sustainable future, with the Digital Product Passport offering a framework for rethinking product life cycles in an environmentally responsible manner. For those seeking more in-depth information on Digital Product Passport and its applications, resources and further details can be found on the FHSTP, TAGnology and SILICON ALPS Cluster websites.

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