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News > Make printing simple again: SIMPRINT Projekt

Make printing simple again: SIMPRINT Projekt



Make printing simple again: SIMPRINT Projekt

Fr. 01.12.2023


At the end of September and the beginning of October, the companies ARTI and Pixelrunner had a perfect reason to be excited. The joint project „SIMPRINT“ was approved as part of the Silicon Eurocluster Open Call!


Silicon Eurocluster is an EU-funded project by member clusters of the Silicon Europe Alliance. The main objective of the Silicon Eurocluster project is to strengthen European technology and sovereignty in the field of semiconductors by opening up new innovative fields of application for key topics such as radio communication, cyber security, artificial intelligence, energy harvesting, photonics, and sensors.


We are delighted that the joint project of ARTI-Robots and Pixelrunner, SIMPRINT, was one of 12 winning projects out of 61 submissions. We see this as high praise for the application’s design, recognition for the innovative project idea and their technological expertise, and, of course, an incentive to achieve an excellent project result.


So, what was the specific task?


In simple terms, the goal was to find market-oriented projects from a consortium of at least two European SMEs that use microelectronics-related technologies to improve existing business processes, transform less digitized application areas with advanced technologies, and focus on sustainability. The project aims to complete a functioning demonstrator within nine months.


Who is now in the project consortium?


Pixelrunner and ARTI have a long-standing innovation partnership. Pixelrunner is an Upper Austrian company with a pioneering role in automatic large-scale landscape printing, as used for marketing purposes, for example. The robotics software company ARTI has already supported Pixelrunner in optimizing the software for the MK2 printing robot developed by Pixelrunner in the past. The result was that the printing process could now run entirely automatically without using inaccurate GPS data for localization.


What is the SIMPRINT project about?


The SIMPRINT project idea arose from Pixelrunner’s desire to have a simpler, smaller and lighter printing robot than the MK2 for simple, single-colour print jobs, as this robot is difficult to transport and often too complex for smaller, single-colour print jobs.


The solution to the problem: SIMPRINT! Simplified Mobile Printer with Increased Autonomy. Pixelrunner and ARTI are jointly developing a new, simpler printing robot based on the ARTI CHASI platform and a new print beam produced by Pixelrunner. The SIMPRINT demonstrator is equipped with the latest ARTI software, which also includes some new features, such as a particular driving manoeuvre of the robot during the „line change“ in the printing process.


What happens now?


The project started on October 1st, and the first milestones have been set. We will be happy to inform you as soon as there is news!

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