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Jahresbericht SILICON ALPS 2022


Sehr geehrte Clusterpartnerin, sehr geehrter Clusterpartner,


ein aufregendes, spannendes und jedenfalls bewegendes 2022 liegt hinter uns. Finden Sie dazu anbei unseren Jahresbericht 2022.


Das neue Jahr 2023 hat in der Zwischenzeit auch schon ordentlich Fahrt aufgenommen. Schon jetzt sagen wir danke für die vielen Kooperationen, die gute Zusammenarbeit und Ihr Commitment.


Wir als Cluster GMBH Team und SIE als Cluster-PartnerInnen verstehen uns gemeinsam als großes Ganzes und als Brückenbauer, damit das hohe Potenzial der Region internationale Kooperation und Vernetzung erreicht.

Ganz im Sinne …


SAC Jahresbericht 2022_final


DI Dr. Robert Gfrerer (CEO)  & Ihr SILICON ALPS Team


This was 2022!


Dear Cluster Partner,


We hope this letter finds you well. We look back on an exciting and eventful year of 2022, and are pleased to share our SILICON ALPS Annual Report with you.


The year 2023 has already gained significant momentum. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the numerous collaborations, productive partnership, and unwavering commitment you have shown thus far.


As a Cluster GmbH team, together with our esteemed Cluster-Partners, we strive to work together as a cohesive whole, to build bridges and create opportunities for international cooperation and networking, with the ultimate goal to unlock the full potential of our region; consistent with our cluster values:



We prioritize professionalism by employing solution-oriented processes and tailoring our services to our clients’ needs, enabling us to work together towards achieving desired outcomes.



At SILICON ALPS, loyalty means building bridges responsibly, fostering commitment and innovation through transparency and integrity.



Openness means providing input creatively and agile, to foster development of innovation through cross-disciplinarity.



For us, culture means creating a foundation for a trusted network through courage, empathy, and respect, which in turn enables us to achieve professionalism, loyalty, and openness.


SAC Jahresbericht 2022_EN_fin


Sincerely yours


DI Dr. Robert Gfrerer & your


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