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ESRA – European Semiconductor Regions Alliance


ESRA – European Semiconductor Regions Alliance


In a significant move to bolster Europe’s standing as a semiconductor powerhouse, the “European Semiconductor Regions Alliance (ESRA)” was established in Brussels on September 7, 2023. This alliance brings together the strengths of 27 regions from 12 EU countries, aiming to interconnect the continent’s microelectronics sectors. Through enhanced collaboration and attracting investments, ESRA hopes to fully harness the potential of the European Chips Act (ECA). Robert Gfrerer, the CEO of Austria’s SILICON ALPS Cluster, emphasized the strategic importance of this initiative: A strengthened Europe in semiconductor technology can boost its global market share to 20%. Such progress would not only enhance Europe’s economic independence but also significantly contribute to addressing global challenges like global warming using advanced technologies. To better grasp the complexity and scope of this endeavor, a detailed 10-point document is available as an attachment, providing in-depth information and specific goals of ESRA.


More information about the Alliance in the SiliconAlpsCluster_ESRA_Gruendung_Presseinfo & ESRA 10-Points-Paper!

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