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We offer you the two bachelor’s degree programs „Smart Automation“ and „Automation Technology“. With the postgraduate master’s degree program „Automation Technology Business“, you are assured a successful future.


Automation technology works at the interface of electronics, computer science, mechanical engineering and economics. The challenge in the automation of technical processes is to achieve an optimum between the usually conflicting aspects of time, costs, quality, resources and the environment. It is essential to consider the entire system instead of optimizing individual components independently of one another. Modular solutions are becoming more and more important.

The automation engineering department of FH CAMPUS 02 offers the following courses of study:

  • Bachelor’s degree programme “Smart Automation” (language of instruction: English)
  • Bachelor’s degree programme “Automation Technology” (language of instruction: German)
  • Master’s degree programme “Automation Technology – Business” (language of instruction: German)


The “Smart Automation” bachelor’s degree programme combines the two concepts of digitalization and internationalization. The full-time study program is in English from Monday to Wednesday and focuses on the modules of product, process, production. The course is organized in a “career-enabling” way and combines attendance phases with synchronous online days, so that part-time professional employment is possible. The practice-orientation intensifies through the bachelor’s thesis in the 5th semester and the professional internship in the 6th semester.


The bachelor’s degree programme in “Automation Technology” is built on the 3 pillars of automation technology: electronics, computer science and mechanical engineering. As this is a extra-occupational programme (Friday afternoon and Saturday full day), you will not only be able to apply the professional knowledge you have acquired in the accompanying projects, but you will also benefit from it in your professional work.


With the subsequent master’s degree programme in “Automation Technology – Business”, you will acquire knowledge that will elevate you from a technical specialist to a technical manager. The aim is to carry out management and/or development activities in or for companies at home and abroad with a high degree of autonomy. Therefore, the 3-semester study program (Friday afternoon and Saturday full day) focuses on courses such as leadership, innovation, communication, management and corporate structures in addition to the selected electives.



By entering one of the study programmes you become part of a network, which will provide you with valuable know-how even after your education. For example in the context of “R&D” (Research & Development) , where the purchased knowledge attends you and your company from the idea to the creation of value.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!


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