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Innovation platform


Innovation platform

Innovation platform

Open Innovation – How to effectively boost the ecosystem's innovation potential.

About the project

Funding category 2


Power Electronics

Collaborating for Collective Innovation:


Our new innovation platform offers a plethora of opportunities to collaboratively develop innovative projects and discover partnerships.


The SILICON ALPS Innovation Platform is a collaborative space designed to present specific challenges to a community and gather ideas, innovations, and potential solutions in the spirit of Open Innovation. The idea competition can be tailored to a select group or opened up to the broader public. Ideas are captured in the form of challenges or competitions, allowing for evaluations by both the community and a designated jury. This digital innovation management tool stands out due to its emphasis on collaboration (crowdsourcing), gamification (enticing participation), tapping into a broad knowledge community (ensuring no blind spots), and highlighting both those who pose the challenges and those who provide the ideas.




The Innovation Platform provides an avenue to receive feedback and ideas from the community on your own challenges – and vice versa, allowing you to contribute to others‘ challenges and forge collaborations.

Project duration

December 2022 - June 2023



Project goal

Strategy for more professionals in the field of electronic based systems

PARTICIPATE NOW – start your challenge!

The added value summarized:
  • Stakeholder Insight & Trend Identification: Ideas, comments, and evaluations are contributed by key stakeholders. This approach offers insights into the desires, requirements, and needs of these target groups, with options to control visibility through user groups.
  • Marketing & Visibility: With this open-innovation presence, your organization gains visibility and appeal as an innovation leader in its sector.
  • Spotting High-Potential Ideas & Bright Minds: The most intriguing ideas likely have the potential to evolve into valuable innovations. Simultaneously, this initiative highlights the brightest out-of-the-box thinkers, who can be invaluable assets in further developing these ideas.
  • Raising Awareness: This initiative raises awareness among relevant target groups for valuable projects related to the cluster and its members, while also providing an accessible way for them to contribute.
  • Inclusive Participation: The community can engage regardless of time and location.
  • No Idea Left Behind: All ideas are stored in one centralized location.
  • Connecting Minds: The community, including experts and cluster members, can digitally contribute anytime, anywhere. This fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange, allowing ideas to be developed in teams and incorporating user feedback.
  • Early Feedback: Identify trends early on and reduce innovation risks.
  • Stakeholder Involvement in Idea Evaluation & Refinement: Engaged stakeholders can participate in a tailored community evaluation phase, systematically refining the most promising ideas based on feedback.
  • Gamification & Motivation: Engage and motivate the target community through fun and communicative methods, such as point/level systems, communication platforms, team-building activities, blogs, and more.
HOW and WHERE do I register?

To become active on the platform, all you need to do is register using the following link. Everything else should be self-explanatory:

  1. Submit Ideas: Every registered user is invited to share their ideas.
  2. Comment & Like: The dynamism of an idea competition thrives on valuable feedback from other users. You can comment on any idea to provide constructive feedback or give it a quick thumbs-up to show your appreciation.
  3. Share & Connect: Found an idea you think certain users should definitely see? Share it with them. This way, you link intriguing ideas with the right users who should be in the know.
  4. Browse: Every registered user can view all ideas and their associated comments without leaving a trace. Dive into the ideas and get inspired!
  5. Rate: Using pairwise comparison, everyone is encouraged to evaluate the submitted ideas.
WHAT’S the procedure?

This is what the typical process of an innovation project on the platform looks like in 4 phases.

The innovation platform was developed by the experts at Neurovation GmbH, a spin-off of our cooperation partner ISN – innovation service network, and was implemented in the second half of 2020. As a modern, web-based tool, the platform combines idea management with the latest „social software,“ thereby increasing the level of networking for collective idea generation and problem-solving.

If you’re interested in starting an idea competition with SILICON ALPS or have questions about the platform, don’t hesitate to reach out!



As a team, we strive for excellence, valuing each member’s contribution to our collective success. Embracing challenges, we foster innovation and continuous improvement. United, we aim to exceed expectations, making a positive impact in our work and communities.

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