Cockpit of the Future


Cockpit of the Future

Cockpit of the Future

Revolutionizing Road Safety: The SILICON ALPS Cluster and Virtual Vehicle Research Center unveil a groundbreaking collaboration, merging mobility and health. Imagine a car cockpit that doesn't just navigate roads but also monitors your health, alerting first responders in emergencies and ensuring safer journeys for seniors and those with chronic conditions. As we spend more time in our vehicles, why not make every trip safer and smarter? Dive into the future of driving where your car truly cares for you.The significant amount of time that people spend in vehicles can be utilized, monitoring and analyzing vital signs.

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Cockpit of the Future


The Silicon Alps Cluster has joined forces with the Virtual Vehicle Research Center to pioneer a transformative collaboration between the automotive and healthcare sectors. This venture seamlessly integrates mobility and health, as exemplified by our esteemed project partners, Styria and ACstyria.


Gone are the days when vehicle sensors solely detected external road hazards. The ‚Cockpit of the Future‘ is designed with a keen emphasis on the passengers within. By harnessing cutting-edge sensor technology from the MedTech microelectronics realm, we aim to elevate safety for every individual on the road.


Considering the substantial hours we spend in vehicles, there’s an untapped potential to monitor and analyze vital signs. This not only keeps drivers informed about their health in real-time but also ensures immediate alerts to first responders post-accidents. Such advancements promise heightened safety for seniors and those battling chronic and cardiovascular ailments, ultimately enhancing overall road safety.


It’s worth noting that fatigue and cardiovascular issues account for approximately 7% of fatal road accidents in Austria. Alarmingly, drivers aged 65 and above are most prone to accidents stemming from medical emergencies. As our population ages, the imperative for in-transit health monitoring grows. Such systems can be life-changing for individuals with chronic conditions like diabetes, allowing them to remain active while being constantly monitored. Looking ahead, we foresee this domain burgeoning into a focal point of development, promising significant economic growth for the region.

Project duration

Oktober 2022 - April 2023


White Paper ist erarbeitet. Nächste Schritte werden derzeit mit den Projektpartnern abgestimmt.

Project goal

Motivation: Derzeit sind Sensoren des Autos primär nach außen gerichtet. Das Projekt soll das „Innenleben“ (alle Insassen) des Autos in den Fokus rücken, die technische Machbarkeit und unternehmerische Potenziale aufzeigen.

Fragestellung: Wie kann die technologische Expertise der Region im Bereich Automotive, Medizintechnik sowie Sensorik und Elektronik vereint und in Form eines gemeinsamen Projekts sichtbar gemacht werden?

Participating partners

human technology styria
AC styria

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