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40 Times Higher Precision

As they say: “Go hard or go home”… well, we took that to heart and developed a solution that not only improves current systems slightly, but leaps ahead! With a 40 times higher precision we aim to replace current legacy providers and substitute their precisions of 10-15cm with a crisp 0.3cm! Sounds good? We thought so too.

But wait, there is more! Have you ever wondered why map providers only feature 2D maps? Or why GPS only works outdoors? Well, don’t even worry about it, we have you covered and provide indoor and outdoor localization that works in 3D! When we compare our solution to competitors, well, see the difference for yourself.


60 Times Faster

“Being precise is great, but what about the latency” you ask? Well, we decided to make that a priority too. Our proprietary algorithms and protocols perform almost in real-time and outperform current solutions by a factor of 60. Still not convinced? We are neither, so we made the entire solution scalable where each devices only requires 1ms more. Let us put that into perspective. When operating 100 devices with legacy providers that require about 100ms per device, it means that the localization takes 10sec to be completed. That must feel like an eternity for drones or self driving cars. Imagine your car starts breaking 10sec too late! But don’t worry we have you covered again and do the same job in only 0.14sec!
Schleppe-Platz 6, 9020 Klagenfurt

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