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Accenture is a globally operating consulting firm that transforms leading companies, public sector, and organizations in over 120 countries. Semiconductors are crucial in shaping our digital landscape, supporting advancements at the core of our solutions. Embracing „Let there be change,“ Accenture is committed to transformative endeavors for a digital & sustainable future.


With over 733,000 employees worldwide, the firm leverages technological expertise, comprehensive industry knowledge, and functional excellence across various areas, including Strategy & Consulting, Technology, Operations, Industry X, and more. Success is measured by the value brought to customers, employees, shareholders, partners, and the community.


Accenture recognizes the critical role of semiconductors in technology and is proud to partner with Silicon Alps, a leader in the industry. This strategic alliance enhances our capabilities, keeping them at the forefront of semiconductor developments. Together, Accenture fosters innovation and collaboration, driving their commitment to shaping a dynamic future.
Accenture Börsegebäude, Schottenring 16, Vienna, Austria, 1010
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