Immersive Learning


XRCONSOLE develops immersive learning & training concepts for businesses & corporations. By combining innovative training methods with state-of-the-art XR, we aim to revolutionising enterprise training.

The key is experiential training. Learning content is experienced instead of just being read or heard. In the virtual training world, people interact just like they would in the real world and in doing so, activate the same psychological & physiological areas. Training through XR leads to real, measurable performance and contributes significantly to more effective and efficient learning outcomes.




XRCONSOLE is the intersection of people, learning and extended reality. We believe that immersive learning is revolutionizing the way we train companies most valuable assets – people.

It was founded by an interdisciplinary team of experts in their field who share the same vision. We aim to strengthen the link between people, learning theory & extended reality technology to sustainably revolutionize the training & education of organizations & their employees.


Lighthouse Projects


Berliner Feuerwehr x Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

Tactical operational training in the new Berlin underground line. The Berlin fire department trains operational scenarios in the new U5 underground in combination with VR and XVR technology.


WIFI Steiermark CNC simulator

Safe, immersive and pioneering training system for skilled workers. The CNC simulator enables trainees to learn, practice and check all steps for the correct commissioning of the CNC machine. This is a significant advantage, as the trainees are optimally prepared for use on the real machine.



The research project called MED1stMR (Medical First Responder Training using a Mixed Reality Approach) aims to better prepare medical first responders for stressful and highly complex disaster situations by developing advanced mixed-reality (MR) medical training with haptic feedback for enhanced realism.

Wielandgasse 56, 8010 Graz

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