Luminous Labs GmbH



Luminous Labs – We believe there are nourishing elements out there, accessible for everyone, to tap into. We want to expand both mental & physical consciousness.


Luminous Labs is a longevity and biohacking start-up based in Graz. We develop innovative light-centric products that make it possible to improve longevity and well-being through the use of bioactive wavelengths of light.


Magic –
We make light machines. Our creations open up the spaces „in-between“. We make products and create light experiences.


Research –
All of our actions are based on a scientific mind and are powered by the
heart of an adventurer. We research in the field of LED light therapy, specifically researching the interaction of light and the human body (factors that impact dosing and tracking).


Gratitude –
Using the success of our company to grow, start new ventures. We take time for mindful reflection and honoring our successes, doing what we want, when, and how we want. Envision the future in the now.


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Lazarettgürtel 54/422, 8020 Graz
4 Mitarbeiter

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