Simulation & XR Technologies for the Industry


EXARON is a technical simulation office that makes complex industrial processes visible in three dimensions. For this purpose, leading simulation software in factory and production planning is used and combined with industry-standard extended reality (XR) technologies. The digital models created in this way can be visualized realistically and location-independent as well as tested, manipulated, optimized and learned quickly and flexibly – without wasting resources, polluting the environment and endangering people.


USP: Symbiosis from two worlds


Through our many years of work in the manufacturing industry, we know both the challenges of a machine and plant manufacturer and the specific requirements of its customers. For several years now we have been dealing with immersive technologies from the entertainment industry and their applicability in the industrial environment. EXARON is therefore a pioneer when it comes to Industrial XR.
Services: modular – holisitic – sustainable


We create…  3D LAYOUTS

  • of… Production, Assembly, Logistics, Automation and Test systems
  • for… 3D libraries, Feasibility studies (Proof of Concept), Reviews etc.


  • of… Robots, Worker, AGV / AMR, Processes, Plants etc.
  • for… Feasibility studies, Scenario Analysis, Optimization measures etc.


  • of… Prototyps, Machines, Plants, Products etc.
  • for… VR Meetings, VR Reviews, VR / AR Showcases, VR Trainings, VR / AR Instructions etc.


Customers: The Industry


Our customers are machine and plant manufacturers who serve a wide variety of industries (e.g. mobility, industrial goods, consumer goods, health care). We also focus on operators of industrial machines and plants as well as manufacturers of complex products.

Within the company, we address various areas: Sales, Engineering, Assemply, Quality assurance, Automation, PLC, Robotics, Service, Marketing, HR etc.
Mission & Vision

Our mission is to increase the economic success and sustainability of our customers by combining 3D simulation solutions with industry-suited immersive technologies. EXARON envisions a world in which the use of XR in industry is not only accepted but standard.

Freisingerweg 3, 8144 Haselsdorf-Tobelbad
3 Mitarbeiter

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