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Stremayrgasse 16/IV, Österreich-8010 Graz

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Flasher GmbH
Stremayrgasse 16/IV, Österreich-8010 Graz


Flasher is a smart, wearable safety gadget for e-scooter riders and cyclists. The two armbands worn around the upper arms make riders more visible and safer on the road. Turn signals, emergency brake lights and different visibility modes – directly where they’re seen best.


Gesture-controlled turn signals

Steady and safe: With Flasher you can always keep your hands on the handlebar when riding your bike or e-scooter. Lift your elbow briefly on the side you want to turn to; the armband will immediately start flashing to indicate your turning direction.


Automatic emergency brake light

To avoid that traffic runs you over from behind, Flasher automatically lights up red on both sides when you suddenly have to brake hard. This keeps cars alert – and you safe.


Visibility & safety modes

Visibility is especially important in the dark. Flasher offers three additional modes (Night, Jogging and Emergency) that make sure you’re seen when riding at night, jogging, walking your dog or in a dangerous situation.

Our Snapband

Put it on

Thanks to our innovative mechanism, Flasher is incredibly quick and easy to put on. Simply snap an armband onto each upper arm, turn them on and you’re good to go!


Take it off

Taking off the armbands is also super  uncomplicated and quick. Just pull them right off of your arm. Easy handling, zero frustration. Your choice if you turn them off before or after.


Core Competence

The core competence of the company is the development and distribution of mobile security applications for users of micromobility vehicles such as bicycles, e-scooters, etc.
Special attention is paid to the development of software and hardware components for embedded, communication-enabled systems (IoT).

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