Workplace Silicon Alps

Carinthia and Styria have, on one hand a high technological competence with possible fields of activity in the automotive, mobility, energy & environment, smart products, IoT, smart production and health technology sectors, and on the other hand, an excellent educational and research landscape with universities, technical colleges and numerous research institutions – such as Joanneum Research and Carinthian Tech Research. In addition, there are many other educational opportunities, such as higher technical colleges, commercial academies and the Technical Academy for Apprenticeships. These framework conditions – supplemented by the internationally active leading companies and SMEs – offer a good starting point for international careers.

STYRIA – Austria’s center for high-tech innovation

  • outstanding training, research and business landscape
  • internationally renowned universities of applied sciences
  • numerous research institutions
  • number one region for innovative products and services in Austria

CARINTHIA – Stronghold for microelectronics

  • superior expertise in electronics
  • 75% of research in industries
  • attractive mix of industries embedded in a highly innovative environment
  • powerful development in technology, innovation and research

The Silicon Alps Cluster provides possibilities in the field of Electronic Based Systems (EBS). The allocated opportunities combine industry, research areas and the public sector in Carinthia and Styria including different options in working time models varying from full-time to part-time to internships in the electronics industry. In this workplace the role of Silicon Alps Cluster is being an ambassador and mediator of the workplace in the field of EBS. We consider it our duty to educate talents about qualification possibilities and to build a network with them.

Silicon Alps Specialists international (SASin) combine presentations in universities in south and east Europe with the pact for Skills EU with focus on MINT (mathematics, informatics, natural science, technology).

Silicon Alps Specialists national (SASin) include career events as well as MINT projects with different levels of education.

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