WILD at the forefront

As an Austrian pioneer member in the EIT Health Network, WILD collaborates in innovation projects that can quickly achieve market maturity thanks to its bundled expertise. The latest example: a portable respirator.

For one year now, WILD has been a partner in the EIT Health network, which brings together high-calibre organisations from industry and research, as well as universities and entrepreneurs. Of the network‘s three pillars, ”Education – Business – Innovation“, the latter is of particular interest for the systems partner. ”We have identified numerous common links to renowned entrepreneurs and distributors, and we work together with them on introducing new products and services to the European market in the shortest time possible“, says Business Developer Daniel Pressl, who initiated WILD‘s membership in EIT Health.

The network, which is funded by the EU, places a clear focus on market-oriented, application-related research. Only projects that are already at an advanced stage have a chance of receiving support. They should reach market maturity within three years. ”Although we only recently became a member, we have managed to submit a project for a portable respirator with Pandemic Call, set up by EIT Manufacturing, which fully meets these requirements. Out of 70 submitted projects, only three candidates made it through. One of these was our project, which we are working on together with consortium partners* throughout Europe“, Pressl proudly reports. The device, which is based on technology created by WILD‘s longstanding customer Carl Reiner, is operated without electricity and merely requires compressed air or an oxygen bottle to work. It is easy to use, so that the patient can be ventilated even over the top of a mask or while intubated. In addition, the device is inexpensive and crisis-proof – attributes that could be of great interest in the future both for markets in the developing world and for European countries. ”This project proves that innovative cooperation projects can help enhance value for end customers and, at the same time, reduce costs“. WILD is currently adapting the technology and design of the respirator to the latest standards. ”There is still a lot of work to be done on the components but the doors are open for distributors who want to market the relaunched product together with us“, Pressl says.

WILD wants to secure another head start together with its local EIT Health partners by establishing a potential EIT Health Cluster Centre here in Austria. The objective of the cluster would be to further advance Austria as a place of innovation and to get top-notch research from around Europe to the market quicker by integrating business, research, and education.


*Consortium partners:

Carl Reiner GmbH – Business and Commercialization Partner

Technical University of Graz – Institute for Health Care Engineering with European Testing Center of Medical Devices – Regulation and Certification Partner

Osakidetza, BioCruces – Health Research Institute supporting Cruces University Hospital – Animal Trials and Clinical Studies Partner

University Hospital Cologne – Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine – Clinical Studies and Simulation Partner

Tecnalia – Health Division – Technology Transfer Partner



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