Welcome to Silicon Alps: Watlow

The greatest gift for any network organization is the welcoming of new network partners. We are delighted to introduce our newest member Watlow that will enrich the entire Silicon Alps Cluster. We look forward to a lot of promising and fruitful projects!

About Watlow

Founded in 1922, Watlow strives to be the leading provider of innovative thermal solutions for the world’s most demanding applications. Their advanced technologies are ideally suited for vital applications such as front-end semiconductor processing, clean and environmentally-friendly energy systems and processes and lifesaving medical and clinical equipment, to name a few.

In the semiconductor industry, Watlow is a full-service resource for optimizing the thermal performance of process tools. They work with their partners’ engineers to deliver state-of-the-art thermal systems that improve yield, throughput and cost of ownership. Watlow has a wide range of products and services to improve performance from the chamber to the abatement system. Watlow offers electric heaters, temperature sensors, electronics and controls, precision bonded assemblies and cleaning and refurbishment. They are able to provide standard product offerings or develop custom integrated system solutions.


Please find out more about Watlow’s vision, products and history  here!