Welcome TimeTag.Space to the Silicon Alps Network

A journey into space – a new level of accuracy in time tagging


We are happy to welcome TimeTag.Space in our network. Currently, they are closely involved with Science Park Graz (SPG) and the European Space Agency (ESA) and are looking out for cooperation partners and use cases.

Her you can find the Executive brief, as well as their highly interesting TimeTag.Space_WhitePaper_Nov2020.



A Space-grade timing device for embedding into systems to provide a new level of accuracy in timing in space applications and sensors, such as:

  1. One-shot distance measurement:
    • laser altimetry (e.g. docking, landing, navigation),
    • laser imaging (e.g. machine vision);
  1. Clock distribution & synchronization in free space (e.g. among Satellites);
  2. Laser communication by pulse-position modulation;
  3. Quantum communication (e.g. QKD, QDS).

The device can serve multiple tasks simultaneously.


There’s no standard timing solution for space. Current solutions: GPS for synchronization, atomic clocks for absolute time, custom Time-of-Flight and time-tagging systems – are either highly expensive, low radiation tolerant, and/or relatively low-accuracy.


We offer a multi-purpose resilient event timing (time-tagging) technology, which will make time synchronisation among satellites at least 10 times more accurate, cheaper, and more robust than currently employed solution (GPS). Moreover, the same device also could be employed simultaneously in other subsystems: LiDARs, altimetry systems (e.g. landing and docking), laser communication, imaging, etc.

Competitive Advantage:

We are the first event timing technology to offer picosecond precision for space applications.

Our know-how secures our technology with the following features:

  1. A resolution 5-6 picoseconds RMS
  2. Radiation Tolerance
  3. Overlap tolerance (one timer can simultaneously carry out multipleoverlapping measurements for various applications)

Moreover, the team is already a leader in a terrestrial timer niche holding more than 50% of the global Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) Market. NASA has recommended our technology as the best in the world for SLR.


  • Accuracy of Time Tagging: 5-6ps (RMS resolution) – more than just TDC & TOF; 60ns deadtime
  • Unlimited measurement range and internal FIFO for 2 thousand events
  • On-board high quality (low jitter, less than 1ps) PLL that derives the system clock (100 MHz) from an external 10 MHz reference source. One pulse-per- second (1pps) signal input for time scale synchronization with the UTC (notnecessary, can work autonomously)
  • Commercially available Rad-Hard components, and Internal calibration forprecision stability in temperature (60ms)
  • External power supply +3.3V and +5V (consumption – 2.5W roughly)
  • Size – 132x134x15mm (planned to reduce to 70x70mm)


    There is currently no other technology that has reached the space-grade development level. Furthermore, our accuracy, price and reliability combination is better than any existing technology for terrestrial (earth) applications.

    Call to action:

    We seek an industrial partner for a commercial pilot project, such as timing in satellite constellations, or integration of our timer into a larger system. Our technology is currently being used in two pilot projects with EU companies within ESA contracts.


DOWNLOAD PITCH DECK: TimeTagSpace Deck Dec2020[2]