Webinar: “Important Update on Corona Short-Time Work”

Webinar: “Important Update on Corona Short-Time Work”

Information relevant to employment law and payroll accounting, to which you can should not be left out!

The short-time work caused by COVID-19 went into the second round. How well prepared are you?
The short-time work went into an extension with some new regulations. What seemed clear after the first three-month phase of short-time work is now different again. Find out about the most important changes compared to phase I in the areas of labor law and payroll accounting.

Caution is better than indulgence:
Triggered by indications of misuse of the short-time work subsidy, intensive, unannounced priority checks are currently taking place in Austrian companies across all sectors. Violations are subject to substantial penalties and further legal consequences. Prepare yourself actively for a possible inspection.

Take the chance:
In the run-up to the event, participants have the opportunity to submit specific questions which will be answered by the lecturing experts – either in a webinar or, if desired, in a direct exchange with the experts afterwards.

Mr Bernd Luxbacher
Mr Marco Riegler

Human.technology Styria

Date & time:
29th July, 2020 / from 10:00 am to 11:30 am

Michael Pichler
Mail: michael.pichler@human.technology.at
Mobile: +43 699 18899 707

The training is conducted in cooperation with Möstl & Pfeiffer Deloitte.

Please register here: https://www.humantechnology.at/aktuelles/termine/anmeldung/264/