Vulcanus – Host a japanese intern in R&D

Strengthen your R&D team & open your doors to Japan, through hosting a Japanese trainee
European Commission & METI founded activity

The EU-Japan Centre is inviting applications for the „Vulcanus in Europe“ scheme.
Through this scheme, EU-based companies can offer Japanese trainees an 8-month internship in R&D, within their company. (August 2019 – March 2020)

The trainees come from leading Japanese universities and are students in engineering, or other scientific / high-tech fields (including biology, chemistry, biotechnology, nanotechnology, ict, etc.)

They will be able to communicate in the EU company’s local language.

EU company’s advantages: a valuable addition to the R&D workforce and an insight into the Japanese culture, extremely useful for successful business with Japan.

· More information: 
· Application deadline: 23 September 2018
· Contact: Margherita Rosada on + 32 2 2823715 or by e-mail: