63 Digitaldialog Special | A digital future life (as part of #LetsCluster Summit)

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Date(s) - 26/03/2019
15:00 - 18:30

Messe Congress Graz


63 Digitaldialog Special | A digital future life (as part of #LetsCluster Summit)

Welcome to the year 2040! Mobile, urban lifestyles have conquered the world and digital technologies are used in everyday life. Louisa, a 21-year-old Online Portal Manager, guides the participants of the 63rd Digitaldialog through one day of her life and shows how smart devices creates her daily routine.

Which capabilities and values will digital assistants provide us in the future? In which new forms of innovative and connected housing models will we live? How will augmented & virtual reality be used in the future education systems?  Further, in what way will digitalization influence our mobility behavior?

Leading companies in the fields of Soft- and Hardware as well as Research and Education will present their digital products and services and thus show their digital footprint. So, how do you imagine the future? Come and explore in this fascinating future lifestyle story with Louisa the smart world of tomorrow.

Moderation: Yvonne SAMMER


3:00 p.m.      Registration & Get-together

3:30 p.m.      Welcome with Yvonne SAMMER

3:40-6:30  p.m.

                         Christian Kern | Business Development DCCS

                          Maria FELLNER | Head of Business Development JOANNEUM RESEARCH – DIGITAL

                          Gerhard HAMMER | APUS Software

                          Robert GINTHÖR | CTO and Head of the Big Data Lab at Know-Center

                          Joerg HAUPTMANN | Managing Director of Intel Austria

                          Stefanie HATZL | Assistant for research & teaching FH Campus02

                          Michael JERNE |Director External Relations at NXP

                          Berndt JESENKO | Assistant for research & teaching FH Campus02

                          Georg KARNER |Head of Marketing Intact

                          Johannes OBERZAUCHER |Professor for Active and Assisted Living at (CUAS)

                          Manfred PFERZINGER | Deputy Chair of the Academic Board for the Public Health Sector

                          Angelika WEBER | CEO at Axtesys

                          Ralph WEISSNEGGER | Director Innovation and Funding at CISC

Participation in this event is free of charge.

The program can be downloaded  here.

We ask for timely registration under https://letscluster.com/digitaldialog 

We are looking forward to your coming.

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