Tremitas from Corinthia obtains state patent award – Tremor sensor among the best inventions in Austria

The small pen for measuring tremors from the Klagenfurt start-up Tremitas is one of Austria’s best patents.

The award-winning product looks like a ballpoint pen or medical thermometer – white and inconspicuous.

Behind the technology by the young Klagenfurt company Tremitas, hides a sophisticated technology. The Tremipen shows people who suffer from Parkinson’s how their status of tremor within seconds. All you have to do is hold it in your hand. The sensor measures the tremor, i.e. the trembling of the hands, and evaluates it immediately: the measured value appears on the display for reading.

Tremitas founder Tibor Zajki-Zechmeister came up with the idea for Tremipen while studying medical information technology at the Klagenfurt University of Applied Sciences.

The Carinthian start-up has now been awarded the State Prize for the best patent for its innovation in the category Humanity, which was awarded jointly with Unicef ​​with the focus on improving people’s lives.

Along with stroke and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s is one of the most common neurological diseases worldwide. 20,000 people in Austria are affected. Due to the increasing life expectancy, experts assume that the number of Parkinson’s sufferers will double by 2030. So the global market for tremipen is huge.

The State Prize for Patents was awarded for the third time this year and took place online. Patent Office President Mariana Karepova: “We always check exceptionally good inventions twice: once to see whether they are new anywhere in the world. And a second time, whether they are so good that they can be nominated for the state award. Equipping Parkinson’s patients with a small pen to measure tremors is one of the top achievements this year. ”