• Protected: How to stop the chain of infection: TDK and Edera Safety collaborate on the containment of viruses through innovative dry cold plasma decontamination method

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  • Behind the curtains of InSecTT – a pan-European joint effort to create trust in AI

    Silicon Alps network partners team up for InSecTT – a Virtual Vehicle project in cooperation with SAL, AVL, NXP and CISC InSecTT – Intelligent Secure Trustable Things, is a pan-European effort with 54 key partners from 12 countries (EU and Turkey), to provide intelligent, secure and trustworthy systems for industrial applications to provide comprehensive cost-efficient solutions of intelligent, end-to-end

  • AI aided high-speed robot vision of 3D- shaped product surfaces

    Motivation and Goal In most countries of industry and suppliers, sales in the range of several billion Euros per year depend on the visual quality impression that products leave on potential customers. Almost no sector is exempt from this, but it applies particularly to the automobile and airplane industry, electronic products, homecare products, as well

  • CISC’s NFC test solution helps SKIDATA to develop NFC products for a seamless experience during a skiing day

    Interview with Benedikt Weigand on the background of this success story and CISC. CISC Semiconductor – a technology enabler for wired and wireless communication and founding member of SAC – has helped SKIDATA in the development and optimization of their NFC solutions, especially with their NFC Xplorer. Connect with CISC Hi Benedikt, what is your

  • Combining Brain-On-Chip and AI to Tackle Alzheimer’s Disease

    Graz (Austria): Graz-based companies KML Vision and NORGANOID start a unique collaboration to enhance drug development for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. By using artificial intelligence (AI), the quality of brain-like structures, which are grown from stem cells, can be checked accurately and automatically. The project is funded by DIGI-B-CUBE, a part of the European Union’s

  • Angiogenesis and Artificial Intelligence, a long overdue match

    Recognizing patterns - a key feature of human intelligence and imperative for our evolution - now perfected by computers.  Over the last decades plenty of imaging techniques emerged that allow researchers to investigate microstructures more thoroughly on smaller scales, over time or in multiple layers. These imaging techniques were often supported by specific staining techniques to highlight the

  • lixtec – Light only when it is needed!

    The necessity to save energy is a matter of course in everyday life. At night, however, thousands of kilometers are illuminated on our roads, regardless of the volume of traffic. Comfort and safety do not require permanent lighting, but rather a solution that provides light dynamically and precisely. lixtec - a subsidiary of the Silicon

  • Guid.New – .NET, the new framework for the browser?

    When the software development company Guid.New GmbH was founded back in 2016, there was one thing that united all their 5 co-founders: Their unconditional love for software engineering and technology. And as luck would have it, they all had a very specific taste in what technology they preferred when it comes to development. This taste

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