Success Story: RFID specialist primtec GmbH formed cooperation with block42

Success Story: RFID specialist primtec GmbH formed cooperation with block42

The focus of our cooperation partner primtec GmbH is on track and trace by means of RFID solutions for all kinds of objects, especially in the field of logistics. In September 2019 primtec GmbH has formed a cooperation with another of our cooperation partners, block42 – the Blockchain Company, at our event “67th Digitaldialog: Blockchain beyond Bitcoin“. block42 is mainly specialized in Blockchain solutions.

We are very proud to introduce you the joint project, which covers the topic Blockchain combined with NFC as an innovative service platform for Smart Cities.

Executive Summary

Blockchain and NFC technology guarantee complete transparency of all services in smart cities. The city administration, public institutions, companies and residents are brought together on a common platform in order to make as many services as possible available to residents and administration in the course of digitalization.


Each relevant object is made uniquely identifiable by marking it with an NFC transponder. Each of these transponders has the crypto function and can thus sign a transaction for the block chain. This ensures that every interaction with the relevant object is recorded and can be viewed in an unalterable and secure way. The information is forgery-proof due to unique object identification and provides proof and documentation of any service or test.

This data is then stored on a central platform where it can be viewed by anyone at any time. The automated digital proof provides legal certainty for all parties. The service provider no longer needs to provide separate, possibly contestable evidence, as all transactions are recorded centrally.

Each stakeholder can achieve and profit from this solution for his or her individual advantages:

  • The administration can ensure that regular maintenance intervals have actually been adhered to and that the objects are operational and that legal standards are met.
  • The service provider can prove his activity on the individual object and also guarantee that it is the right object.
  • The end user has the assurance that the performance has been carried out correctly and by a certified professional.
  • This reduces the entry hurdle for administration and service providers or suppliers/manufacturers for new service offers and, due to the basic decision to offer at all, the offer in the Smart City becomes more diverse overall.

The whole white paper of this project, you can download here.

>> Or get in touch with both cooperation partners:

Volker Knapp

primtec GmbH
Burggasse 17/5
8010 Graz | Austria

Lukas Götz

block42 – Blockchain Company
Joanneumring 3
8010 Graz | Austria