Startup Talk: Flasher starts Kickstarter campaign

One of the most promising startups in the Silicon Alps region, Flasher, has just started their campaign on kickstarter. You can support them and get one of their handy sets of smart wearable device here -> LINK TO KICKSTARTER

Also, you should not miss their video!

QnA Session with Flasher

We asked Co-Founders Ines and Alex to tell a little more about their products, the campaign and their internationalization:


What is special about your product?

Flasher is a smart, wearable safety gadget for e-scooter riders and cyclists. The two armbands worn around the upper arms make riders more visible and safer on the road.

  • Gesture-controlled turn signals: With Flasher you can always keep your hands on the handlebar when riding your bike or e-scooter. Lift your elbow briefly on the side you want to turn to; the armband will immediately start flashing to
    indicate your turning direction.
  • Automatic emergency brake light: To avoid that traffic runs you over from
    behind, Flasher automatically lights up red on both sides when you suddenly have to brake hard. This keeps cars alert – and you safe.
  • Different visibility modes: Visibility is especially important in the dark. Flasher offers three additional modes (Night, Jogging and Emergency) that make sure you’re seen when riding at night, jogging, walking your dog or in a dangerous situation.
  • Top-notch usability: Thanks to our innovative mechanism, Flasher is incredibly quick and easy to put on. Simply snap an armband onto each upper arm, turn them on and you’re good to go! Our adaptive auto-calibration enables the armbands to recognise their orientation (left/right/up/down) and adjust the lights to comply with road traffic regulations (i.e. white light to the front, red light to the back).

When did you decide to internationalize and why?

After countless improvements and test iterations, our product Flasher finally meets our quality requirements and is fully functional. We are now ready to conquer the market!
Since the micromobility and safety market is a global one, we dedicated our efforts and resources to setting up a scalable supply chain from the beginning. This allows us not only to offer a better price to our customers while providing high quality, it also ensures that we can respond to a larger demand more quickly.
Last but not least, the current marketing possibilities allow you to reach people interested in your product all over the world. We are continuously expanding our internal capabilities to leverage these possibilities and are confident we can reach our target group also in international markets.

How did you come up with the idea, which need do you address? 

Summer 2019 – a warm evening in Vienna’s city centre. E-scooter sharing services everywhere; among the curious testers also Ines Wöckl and Alexander Rech: “Riding was fun, but we both never really felt safe. Especially in the dark, during hard braking manoeuvres and especially because hand signals simply weren’t possible…”. We were convinced that many traffic accidents could be avoided by improving the visibility of micromobility users. That’s what we set out to achieve. In the course of numerous discussions and brainstorming sessions we came up with the idea for Flasher. Consequently, we were accepted into the high-tech incubator Science Park Graz. Since then we have made great progress in our product and company development.

Why does someone have to have it?

Flasher is an easy-to-use safety wearable for a variety of micromobility users (cyclists, e-scooter riders, e-bike or cargo bike riders, etc.) designed to make them more visible and therefore safer in urban traffic. Simply snap the two armbands equipped with high-performance LEDs onto your upper arms, hop on your ride and immediately be safer on the road. From gesture-controlled turn signals to automatic brake lights to different visibility and safety modes – Flasher makes you visible on your ride day and night. Even when you’re not on vehicle – out for a run or taking out your dog – Flasher will make sure you’re seen and safe.

What’s the vision, what is coming next, and who’s supporting you?

Flasher can be used for a wide range of applications and can also communicate wirelessly with other systems. This opens up a lot of future expansion potential for us. V2X communication is already being worked on with partners in the DACH region. With a road construction company, the visibility of employees on nighttime construction sites is being increased via location-based wearable control. And with Europe’s largest micromobility sharing provider and member of the SAC team, TIER mobility, Flasher will be deployed throughout Austria this year to better protect their employees. Additionally, further software add-ons in regard to data collection and haptic feedback-based navigation are in progress.

What advantage do I have if I decide to support the Kickstarter campaign?

Support us now and receive up to 30% off your set as well as great personalisation options to individualise your wearables with your initials or your company logo!

Who or what are you looking for collaborations, what are the next steps on the roadmap?

Currently, we are looking for distribution partners as well as development partners for innovative follow-up services and products. Join us on our mission to improve micromobility safety. For more details feel free to contact us via


Learn more about Flasher in their Techtalk with Tier Mobility and their presentation at the EBSCON.

Photo credits: Steady Motion GmbH, Flasher GmbH