SPOTon RFID @Lendhafen in #Graz, a visionary hybrid event – watch it online for free

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 Graz

The SPOTon RFID on the 13th of October 2020 organized by the Silicon Alps Cluster Focus Group RFID represents a decisive step towards a more efficient cooperation between RFID technology developers and potential users in the creation of digitalized solutions with a high value for society.

“we will surpass our own forecasts by 2030” – Thadani Akash on the outlook of NXP’s vision of NFC technology

RFID technology has a long tradition in Southern Austria. World leading companies with a high reputation in the industry and research institutions in the region has already made Styria a cradle of present and future RFID developments. More than 50 % of the RFID chips in use worldwide were developed in Styria.

Almost all companies are internationally active and employ around 2,000 people. RFID/NFC technology can support digitalization in a variety of application fields, be they in industry, logistics, medical field, entry systems and security, and many more.

The event in Lendhafen in Graz was not only set out to convey a current state-of-the art picture of the RFID/NFC technologies, but also to address specific use cases. This way, the discussions and keynotes provided insights on user requirements as well as possible answers that meet these requirements in the form of technological building blocks for smart community vouchers.

“our aim is to create one platform for everything to overcome silio applications” – Markus Pistauer visualizing his version of the future that is already happening

As it is generally acknowledged, local vouchers represent a handy instrument to support the local companies that keeps the cash-flow within the region. On the basis of the use case “Community vouchers in the Styrian Kirchbach-Zerlach”, technology keynotes by NXP, CISC Semiconductor and lab10 collective eG provided 40 excited participants with cutting edge insights on the building blocks for smart community vouchers of the future: RFID and NFC technologies, digital platforms to build-up and manage communities and blockchain tokens.

We warmly thank the moderator Dominik Berger (2be1), the speakers Akash Thadani (NXP Semiconductors), Markus Pistauer (CISC Semiconductor), Thomas Zeinzinger (lab10 collective eG), Franz Krisper (Gemeide Kirchbach-Zerlach) and all the participants for their interest and active involvement!

“for the first time in history, we are able to decide over our money with no banks involved” – Zeinzinger Thomas on the social value of blockchain tokens

Speakers and Keynotes:

  • Akash Thadani, NXP Semiconductors Austria: “NFC: Looking Forward”
  • Markus Pistauer, CISC Semiconductor: “COYERO – a digital platform to build-up and manage communities”:
  • Thomas Zeinzinger, lab10 collective eG: “Blockchain Token – Einfache und Nützliche Anwendungsfälle”
  • Franz Krisper, Gemeinderat und Wirtschaftsbundobmann, Kirchbach-Zerlach: “Kirchbacher Gutscheine: Erfolgsgeschichte in der Zukunft?”
  • Dominik Berger, 2be1 Consulting KG, Moderation