SM@RT – TEC 2030 International Technology and Knowledge Transfer Conference

 30 January 2019 / 10am – 4pm / AUDIMAX 


Unter dem Titel SM@RT-TEC 2030 wird am 30. Jänner 2019 der erste Multiplier Workshop für „International Technology and Knowledge Transfer“ an der Fachhochschule Kärnten, in Villach, ausgetragen.

Die FH Kärnten will ihre grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit auf die Zukunft ausrichten und im Rahmen der Gemeinschaftsinitiative INTERREG neue Projekte fördern und weiter ausbilden.
Themen die uns jetzt und in weitere Zukunft beschäftigen und begleiten werden, werden einem internationalen Publikum, bestehend aus Entscheidungsträgern, Stakeholdern und zukünftigen Partnern, vorgestellt. Ein Event zum internationalen Erfahrungsaustausch, Netzwerken und zur Ideenfindung und Kooperationsanbahnung mitten im Herzen Europas. Bitte senden Sie Ihre verbindliche Anmeldung an Frau Andrea Ottacher:

das Programm und mehr Informationen finden Sie hier!



Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

The start-up hype has become a widespread phenomenon: being independent and, flexible, “doing what you love”, “working when and where you want”, even TV shows have picked up the topic – we observe new co-working spaces and accelerators springing up everywhere. However, there is another trend emerging –social entrepreneurship. Our society is facing a lot of challenges: demographic change, climate change, societal problems that our public services and welfare systems are not able (do not want) to deal with. The objective of a social enterprise is to solve a social problem by means of innovative products and services. Profits realized by the business are reinvested in the business itself, with the aim of increasing social impact, for example expanding the company’s reach, improving the products or services or in other ways subsidizing the social mission. “Doing what you love to create social impact” becomes an interesting and promising avenue for future entrepreneurs contributing to the economy and an active civil society. 
Start-up and Spin-off Program  The presentation introduces the “Gründergarage” of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) located at the Technology Park Villach. The Gründergarage focuses on three core areas: 

1) Research & Education, 2) Coaching & Support and 3) Infrastructure. It helps entrepreneurs to translate technical inventions into innovative products and services. In addition, the talk provides insights in the services of the Gründergarage and shows success stories. Get in touch with young Start-Ups and learn more about their success and failures during the breaks. 

Crank-e  As former student of CUAS Alexander Elbe founded the “crank-e mobility solutions GmbH”, where integrated e-drive solutions are developed. Main focus on applied engineering, street legal prototypes are designed and built from scratch, mainly small electric vehicles like scooters and motorbikes are in focus. A short trip from tech-student to entrepreneur in the context of “start-up” hype. 
Digital Assessment and Digital Transformation Program  The discourse explains the digital assessment tool, as Carinthia University of Applied Sciences applies it, for assessing the digital fitness of manufacturing enterprises. In addition, it introduces the strategic vision for a digital transformation program for regional manufacturing enterprises. Try out the digital assessment during the breaks. 
Internationalization  The speech provides a brief summary of SME internationalization status in Slovenia and EU, main reasons for internationalization and overview of EU programs covering internationalization. Pomurje Technology Park is involved in several projects co-financed by European Union and main achievements including cooperation options will be presented during the presentation and breaks. 
Project Development  The discourse provides an integrated concept on (1) how to exploit current projects and initiatives, (2) how to gain new ones within the last calls of the current EU term and (3) how to start a proper planning for the next EU period 2021-2027. The full concept is well embedded in a permanent stakeholder dialogue.