SLOC: Successful Smart-Waste Projects

On the 66th Graz Municipal Day, Saubermacher and Energie Steiermark invited to take stock of the pilot projects “Smart Village” in Feldkirchen near Graz, Riegersburg and Villach as well as the pilot project with Austrian Glas Recycling (AGR) in Horn. In these test communities as well as in Schwaz in Tyrol, more than a thousand of SLOCs have already been used successfully for one year for level measurement in various containers for recyclable materials.

With Saubermacher, SLOC have a partner who is considered a pioneer in waste management and who was recently named the most sustainable waste disposal company in the world. The founder Hans Roth explained the future problems of waste management as follows:

“The cycle in waste management is reaching its limits and these new technologies will be very important for this”.

The possibilities of process optimisation with SLOC’s smart waste bins convinced all project partners (disposal companies, municipalities and citizens) of the Smart Village projects in equal measure. The mayors of the test communities also regarded the outcome of the pilot phase as very promising. For Saubermacher Sales Director Dr. Andreas Opelt, “SLOC is the first smart sensor suitable for waste management”.

Styrian Governor Hermann Schu╠łtzenho╠łfer was also enthusiastic about the projects and congratulated on the successful test run. “These technologies show what Styrian talents and clever minds can do,” said Schu╠łtzenho╠łfer. In December 2018, a pilot project was also started in the municipality of Horn (Lower Austria) together with Saubermacher and Austrian Glas Recycling (AGR), which determines the filling level in almost 600 waste glass containers (white & stained glass) distributed to approx. 300 collection points in order to optimise the logistics processes.

In the test phase, the efficiency has already been considerably increased. Overall, AGR sees savings potential of up to 30% in costs and expenses. Managing Director Mr. Hauke emphasized on the community day that AGR moves around 250,000 tons of glass in 70,000 containers and that this is a very big logistical challenge. “Last year, 300 of these containers were already equipped with sensors and a further 500 collection points are planned in Villach,” said Hauke.

SLOC’s Smart Devices have also been used successfully in Tyrol for almost a year now. In June 2019, the first public waste containers in the municipal area of the city of Schwaz were equipped with SLOC sensors. In the joint project with the Tyrolean waste disposal company DAKA, the fill level is determined daily in 90 of a total of 350 containers.

The city’s environmental officer, Hermann Weratschnigg, praises the smart waste bin:

“The modern equipment of the waste bins is an important step towards an even more efficient and environmentally friendly collection and disposal”.

Avoiding waste and conserving resources is the best way to protect the environment. With the smart waste bin, SLOC has the solution, that this can be implemented in the everyday lives of citizens, communities and cities in such a way that everyone can participate.