SLOC – Styrian Startup gets “Telekom Business Partner” Award 2020

SLOC has continually moving forward in their success journey and their leading star has a name: SLOC Waste Bin

SLOC Waste Bin is a smart sensor that connects waste containers, measures their filling level and sends the data via NB.IoT  (NarrowBand IoT) to a server. Consequently, the routes of vehicles are optimized through the SLOC waste collection terminal. Originally it was developed for the Saubermacher group and has recently constituted an important part of Telekom Germany’s IoT agenda.

Their business partner Magenta Telekom has just presented a white paper about the “Smart City” with a significant part dedicated to SLOC smart waste solutions.

Their innovation is as important as it can be and the figures speak for themselves:

4,3 mio tons of residential waste are produced alone in Austria per year, of which 1,4 mio tons are wasted by households.
While awareness for the problems connected to waste is increasing, the piles of waste also do!

The application of SLOT products and devices is diverse and there are also use cases in innovating logistics, as for instance the SLOC Load Carrier SLC-200 that tracks loads and their carriers.



We are happy to have SLOC onboard the Silicon Alps Cluster and are happy to look into a brighter and sustainable future!