Silicon Austria – Austria Gets New World Class Research Center For Microelectronics

Graz, Linz and Villach will be the locations for the newly established research center – Federal Ministry of Infrastructure, Federal States and Industry to invest 280 million Euros

Austria is about to get a new world class research center for microelectronics as published yesterday during a press conference. The aim is to cluster regional competencies in the microelectronic industry and to turn Austria into a world leader in the field of microelectronics – “Microelectronics Made In Austria” should become a well-known brand. The research center is split up among the three Federal States Upper Austria, Styria and Carinthia with the cities of Linz, Graz (HQ) and Villach respectively. All the hubs will be dedicated to a specific focus: Villach will be the center of sensors and power electronics, Linz will be focusing on High Frequency and Graz will be the headquarter with emphasis on system integration. The work is about to start still this year, forecasting up to 500 new jobs in the coming years.

Watch the video (in German) here!

Source: Press Release (APA OTS)