Our Review On 2020 – der Silicon Alps Jahresrückblick 2020

Our Review On 2020 – the Silicon Alps Annual Video 2020

Dear colleagues, valued partners, dear shareholders – it was a dashing year from any perspective. We have compiled our review movie of 2020 with many contributions.

Things have been far from being normal this year. Under “normal” circumstances, our year-end event would have taken place end of November.

As much as we have all missed our all-day annual retreat, we have seized the last months to put our major efforts into setting up and advancing our online service and network infrastructure. From virtual and hybrid events to the development of four new platforms in the roll out, we not only look back on a year full of innovation across our network, but also into a future, where our digital nature will take more of the centre stage in the Silicon Alps network.

We have compiled a little movie to look back on the year 2020, thank all our cooperation partners, shareholders, associates, public authorities and anyone else who has contributed to another 52 fulminant weeks in the Silicon Alps Cluster. All of us related to technology and Electronic Based Systems should be aware that we are important to our society more than ever. And that’s why we, as a network, need to stick together now more than ever.

As the time demands, we need to perform digitally – and that serves us, as we all have digital in our hearts and bones. We, therefore, invite you to contact us whenever you need the network, whenever you have success stories we want to spread to the network and the public, whenever you need a partner in crime for a project or you just need support from the network.

Now’s the time to stick together and show that Silicon Alps is up for any challenge!

But that’s enough for the written words – sit back and take the time to delve into the video.