Silicon Alps Cluster SPOTLIGHT

On 2 may 2017, Silicon Alps Cluster invited to the first SPOTLIGHT Event on “success by cooperative research” together with the host of this afternoon CTR – Carinthian Tech Research AG. Silicon Alps Head of Communications, Christian Philipp resented new development and some news and of the Cluster concerning infrastructure, H&R, team building and the strategy. He gave a short insight into the main focuses as education & HR, strategic technological development of the region, regional value chain and development of suppliers as well as internationalisation, trend scouting and business development.

Win-win situation

Simon Grasser, CTO of CTR presented the activities of his company in area of applied research and development. The CTR – Carinthian Tech Research leading in the field of photonic systems. Other fields of expertise are smart systems, packaging & heterogenous integration and micro system technologies.
As example for successful projects of cooperation between industrial and scientific partners the OPtima project was presented. There a consortium of CTR, Lam Research, Meislitzer Präzisionstechnik and Polymer Competence Center Leoben was built to develop a screening process for early detection of material defects in the production of wafer chucks to save time and money.
The partners contributed their experiences in different fields of the project. CTR was responsible for the cooperation, did the project board and brought in its expertise on sensor technology. The Polymer Competence Center Leoben is also a scientific partner with specialisation in material science. The industrial Partner Meislitzer Präzisionstechnik is an expert in polymer processing and production engineering and Lam Research is a semiconductor manufacturer and has expertise in mechanical engineering and semiconductor technology.

Alexander Bergmann of the Institute of Electric Sensor Systems at the TU Graz is focused on sensor technologies for environmental research or automotive applications. At AVL he was involved in the development of sensors to minimise the difference between measurements in test blocks and under real conditions.

Clear Lines

At this SPOTLIGHT event also the advantages and disadvantages of such cooperative research projects were discussed to generate optimal outcomes for all participants.

All speakers emphasized the importance of clear definition of purpose and benefits of the project of all partners. First, it is crucial to select the appropriate partners to prevent clash of interests.
Heinz Cramer of Lam Research and Stefan Meislitzer of Meislitzer Präzisionstechnik accent how important communication between the project partners is. The benefit of cooperative research is clearly the quick access to know how via universities and other research institutions. Different points of view may bring new insights and contacts and create synergetic effects on the whole value chain.

The Silicon Alps SPOTLIGHT fade away at the buffet with the possibility to network and to clear some questions. We are looking foreward oft he next presentations at silicon alps cluster events.