This time, we want to introduce a very special company and newcomer to our network, that righteous deserves our attention!

We asked uniforce Business Consultant Jakob Fischer to introduce us to the consulting firm.

What is uniforce consulting, who are you and what do you actually do?

Uniforce Consulting is a student consulting company specializing in the six areas of strategy consulting, innovation consulting, sales, marketing, IT and recruiting. A total of around 60 students are currently working at our 3 locations in Vienna, Linz and Klagenfurt. We thus offer an environment that challenges and encourages our student advisors and at the same time offers customers added value in projects.

Sounds very special and ambitious! How do people react when you approach them?

Our customers particularly appreciate our unconventional, innovative way of thinking and our methods, in which we apply the latest academic findings in practice. Furthermore, interdisciplinarity is an important factor that makes us strong. Students in the fields of economics, mechanical engineering, computer science, data science, psychology and law are all equally represented here and set individual priorities and accents. Last but not least, a broadly diversified network of partners and cooperations enables us to exchange knowledge and, in the case of very specific questions, access to additional specialist resources.

Are there any specializations in consulting or what do you offer exactly?

As already mentioned, uniforce Consulting has specialized in six main areas. Each of our projects is unique and applied concepts are revised and optimized every time. Nevertheless, in the last few months and years, focal points have emerged that can be seen from our reference projects.

Could you name some of these reference projects?

Several projects with N26 should be mentioned in the areas of competitor analysis and strategic partner management, as well as digital innovation marketing concepts for Nespresso, further startup & trend scouting for A1, the creation of a balanced scorecard for Track Machines Connected and prototype development for digital insurance products from ERGO.

Thank you for the interview, Jakob and all the best for your amazing team and work!

Further information and descriptions can also be found on their homepage and on their blog.