Report: Silicon Alps Cleanroom Technology Expertise Against COVID-19

The Silicon Alps Cleanroom & Technology¬† Cluster Focus Group was founded in June 2018 and provides outstanding expertise for a variety of branches such as pharmaceutical production, medicine, and BSL high-security laboratories, in addition to microelectronics/mechatronics.¬† Cleanroom technology competencies are very diverse and run from cleaning, air conditioning, ventilation, and flow technology to filter technology, microbiology, sterilization and decontamination, and last but not least:¬† “risk assessment, qualification, and validation”. All of them have high relevance in the context of the COVID-19 pandemics.

In the last time, the means to combat COVID-19 indoors have been increasingly discussed and need clarity more than ever. The cross-cluster webinar on 14.01.2021 focused on this need and emphasized at the same time in the background the extensive expertise of the cleanroom technology in the fight against COVID-19.

We warmly thank our speakers for sharing the information and their recommendations with the public:


Roman Czech (Cleanroom Technology Austria), Josef Ortner (Ortner Reinraumtechnik), Roland Pufitsch (Silent Quo), Stefan Radl (TU Graz) and David Autischer (COMPREI) [from left to right]

  • David Autischer emphasized with examples the impact of an infected person in the room and the most effective measures in this situation, while also stressing the need for adequate behavior in risky situations. See the presentation here: Einfluss einer infizierten Person¬†
  • Josef Ortner (Ortner Reinraumtechnik) highlighted the long-time expertise of cleanroom technology with the matters that are of particular importance in the fight against COVID and highlighted the new ways of thinking and acting stimulated by the use of cleanroom technology in life science industries. See the presentations about the cleanroom technology expertise and some recent solutions here: RRT Basis f√ľr die Covid 19 Pandemie and RR L√∂sungen f√ľr die Covid 19 Pandemie
  • In the next step, Roman Czech analyzed the technical solutions to combat viruses with a particular focus on air purification devices while also synthesizing the selection criteria for ventilation or air circulation system. Presentation here: Reine Luft? Umluftsger√§te am Pr√ľfstand
  • Stefan Radl gave an overview of the various COVID-19 risk assessment models with examples. One can vary the parameters and receive the results about the absolute risk. Some drawbacks have been highlighted: for instance, the probability that someone is infected and the risk for a distance less than 2 m cannot be computed. Presentation here: √úBERSICHT
  • Roland Pufitsch discussed the importance of developing devices that also comply with the noise reduction requirements

There has been a lively discussion in the end concerning the situations where cleanroom technology has already been implemented and the ongoing research projects.

Please have a look at the recorded webinar here:


We are looking forward to your interest in getting in touch with our Cleanroom & Technology experts!

Cross Cluster Webinar

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