Report on the Cluster Focus Groups Meetings in July 2020: RFID and Sub-Systems & Integration

The Silicon Alps cluster focus groups (on RFID, Sub Systems & Integration, Cleanroom & Technology and Cyber Security and IoT) are communities of experts from both research and industry, who share  competences and interests on technological topics that are definitory and strategic for the EBS ecosystem in South Austria. Last week two meeting of some of them took place in a hybrid form in Graz and Villach:

  • Cluster Focus Group RFID – 8.07.2020 in Graz and online
  • Cluster Focus Group Sub Systems and Integration –  9.07.2020 in Villach and Online

One of the most important objectives of both meetings has been to support the self-organization of the groups by providing guiding information and supportive formats in a keynote given by Dominik Berger, 2be1 Consulting KG. Based on this input, measures to cultivate the natural and efficient functioning of cluster focus groups as down-to-top voluntary communities of experts were discussed. The SAC proposal has been that group members use the CFG instrument as independently as possible to advance proposals of measures, build working groups on them, and eventually moderate them. Silicon Alps should of course actively ensure the desired organisational framework for these activities and support the dissemination of ideas and results. An organisational framework will be set up based on the expectations and feedback of the group members.

Besides, the cluster focus groups will be from now on in charge of the content of the  special Silicon Alps Events with the definitory technology in focus (be this RFID, System integration, Cleanroom Technology or Cybersecurity).  Their purpose  is to support cooperation on focal topics among members my means of keynotes and expert group discussions.  To bring together challenges from various application fields and solutions coming from enabling technologies from Silicon Alps we aim at closely work with application-oriented clusters and organizations.  The themes for the next events (such as for instance Spot on RFID, event on Smart Systems  are currently collected and rated in a group consensing process by means of the tool acceptify.

Last but not the least, each cluster focus group hat initiated some special projects mainly with the purpose of promote Silicon Alps Technology:  A status update on these projects has been discussed.

If you are interested to be part of these groups and participate to the suggestion of topics for the next CFG events on RFID and Smart Systems, please contact

Benefits for you if you participate in these groups:

  • Learning from the experience of fellows
  • Intensive networking over a longer period of time with expert colleagues who share the same interests and competences
  • Impulses and ideas for research and business as a result of technology keynotes or CFG meetings
  • Building of tacit knowledge and increase of mutual support
  • Direct discussions and partner searches for projects