Silicon Alps Cluster Focus Groups: Working on relevant topics and creating (our) tomorrow

The Silicon Alps Cluster Focus Groups are a key component of the service portfolio for our cooperation partners. The four groups on RFID, Sub Systems & Integration, Cleanroom & Technology and Cyber Security are communities of experts from both research and industry, who share competences and interests on technological topics that are definitory and strategic for the EBS ecosystem in South Austria.

We are happy to announce the recent growth of the Silicon Alps Innovation & Technology Team: Ms. Paula Brezovec, Innovation & Technology Manager, will lead together with Oana Mitrea the matters of innovation and project development in the groups.

Below please find some CFGs activities and successes from the last months:

  1. Smart Systems & System Integration

On the basis of members’ proposals we generated a rich portfolio of themes with potential for further project development in the group. Among them:

  • Finding the right assembly and interconnection technologies for system integration
  • Predictive Maintenance for more sustainable products: Variety of Approaches and Technologies
  • Green and Sustainable Electronics Based Systems

In the online CFG meetings on November 3rd and December 18th we fine-tuned the portfolio of topics, prioritized three of the topics and planned the next steps in 2021: mainly  innovation workhops on the prioritized themes.

We are proud to have won the interest of new members for this group: k3lab; augmensys; TechMeetsLegal;PSYS caring systems .

  1. RFID

During the summer a variety of  RFID application fields with high relevance for the Silicon Alps Region were suggested by the group members and evaluated according to a systemic consensing procedure with the tool Acceptify.

The Spot on RFID on 13.10.2020 focused on one of the prioritized  topics (Regional vouchers on the basis of NFC Payment) and was conducted as a hybrid (online + offline) event. This matched user needs (community vouchers with low digitalization level) to potential  technology solutions (NFC, digital platform to build-up and manage communities, blockchain) and promises to develop as a project involving  technology developers from Silicon Alps and need-owners from Styrian and Carinthian communities.

Other important topics in our RFID group: Identification of tools in production, Smart Days with RFID Tools,  RFID for Smart Art. Another, more extensive, topic is ” From Simple Identification to AI-enhanced Localization – Austrian Innovations for European Leadership”, which will be followed most probably in a workshop  integrated in a major event in 2021.

A recent highlight: Ms. Kalina Chakalova,   a master’s student at the University of Graz with a focus on sustainability and innovation, will devote herself to her master’s thesis entitled “Collaborative innovation processes in a cluster setting” in close cooperation with the CFG RFID.

  1. Cybersecurity 

We highlight the online event: “Emerging Cybersecurity Standards for the Finance Sector in Europe”, conducted in cooperation with Joanneum Research, University of Graz, RISE and Vienna University of Economics on November 27th  2020.

Furthermore, in a recent CFG Meeting on December 14th we focused first on a key need of the cluster focus group members:  a marketing strategy for cybersecurity as a prerequisite for the attraction of professionals into the region. This important need for visibility will be synchronized with the Silicon Alps EBS PR and Marketing Strategy (presented in the meeting by our colleague Hartwin Kostron, Director Marketing & PR).

Next to this, we explored the interest and potential of the group members for project cooperation in this field. In this line of action, a structured survey of motivation for project development  and cybersecurity competencies will follow in 2021. The objective is to identify topics with potential for cooperative projects, which need the operative support of Silicon Alps.

  1.  Cleanroom & Technology

A Concept for Cleanroom activities in 2021 will be soon discussed with the group. On  22.12 we  conducted a preparatory meeting for the Webinar “Solutions from the cleanroom industry to combat the COVID crisis”, coming soon on January 14th, 2021. In program: show-case about the spreading of viruses and aerosols; highlight of the cleanroom technology expertise in the COVID, solutions from the Silicon Alps cluster focus group Cleanroom & Technology.

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We are looking forward to your participation in all Silicon Alps Cluster Focus Groups!

Benefits for you if you become an active member of the cluster focus groups:

  • Learning from the experience of fellows
  • Intensive exchange over a longer period of time with expert colleagues who share the same interests and competences
  • Impulses for research and business due to technology keynotes or the CFG meetings
  • Building of tacit knowledge and increase of mutual support
  • Direct discussions and partner searches for projects
  • Intercluster collaborations
  • Working together on proposals for founding projects


Best Regards,

Dr. Oana Mitrea

Director Innovation & Technology

mobile +43 664 88 22 62 52


Paula Brezovec, MSc.

Innovation & Technology Manager

mobile +43 664 928 0429