Report Webinar: How to design secure end-to-end IoT communication applications

Report Webinar : How to design secure end-to-end IoT communication applications with the EdgeLockTM SE050 plug and trust secure element

On July 2nd, 2020 a webinar on secure end-to-end IoT commuication applications was hold for technical experts by technical experts from CISC Semiconductor GmbH, NXP Semiconductors and TU Graz, namely

NXP’s ready-to-use solution for end-to-end IoT communication, the EdgeLockTM SE050 provides latest IoT security for sensor data protection, secure access to IoT services, IoT device commissioning, and personalization and credential protection. In this webinar the experts demonstrated the entire process how to design a secure end-to-end IoT communication application based on sensor devices that upload their sensor data via a gateway to the cloud. The gateway itself provides wireless charging for IoT device commissioning.

The webinar was clustered in two parts. Part one gave an introduction to two dedicated use cases while part two focussed on key management aspects and software integration methods.

  • Welcome & Intro //┬áMarkus Pistauer
  • Secure Sensor Data transfer from Embedded to Cloud Layer //┬áAlexander Rech
  • How to integrate hardware/add-on based plug-in sensor (NHS3152) and HW security (SE050) and wireless-charging on small form-factor // Christian Lederer
  • Key Management┬á & Configuration //┬á┬áFranz Krainer
    – Configuration capabilities of SE050
    – Key Distribution
    – EdgeLockTM 2GO
  • SW Integration methodologies // Michael Salfer, Alexander Rech, Christian Lederer
    – Software Integration of SE050 on Raspberry Pi, Arduino & Nordic
  • Q&A



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