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In 2018, we intend to devote more attention to the analysis of the value creation landscape within the cluster region.

Our main focus this year is the Silicon Alps Competence Map. The production of the map and the associated survey serve the information acquisition, the classification and finally the presentation of all Silicon Alps cooperation partners on our website.

In addition, each cooperation partner was assigned to a team member, who is in charge of this partner and is in contact with them. The information from the competence map will be made available to the cooperation partners and will serve to identify fields of opportunity for regional sourcing and enable the establishment and cooperation of regional value-added partners.


  • Analysis of the value creation landscape
  • Identification of opportunities for regional sourcing
  • Promotion of value creation within SAC
  • Economic and labour market promotion
  • Networking of the cooperation partners among each other
  • Networking with the Silicon Europe Alliance
  • Promotion of value creation within the Silicon Europe Cluster Alliance


The 3 pillars of regional development in 2018:

Supplier development

  • Activities to get to know partner companies and their supplier relationships better – Experts Brunches, Spot Lights, Field Trips, Stage
  • Qualification measures and Academy
  • Organisation and preparation of flagship event in spring 2019

Business intelligence

  • Regular master data update of all cooperation partners
  • Creation of “Microelectronic Observatories” report for bmvit
  • Key Account Management: allocation of each cooperation partner to a team member who maintains regular contact with this team member and is informed about the status quo of the company or research institution
  • Knowledge management: collection of and facts about the cluster region

Partner Network Development

  • Roll-out company platform or competence map on the website
  • Cooperation with the European clusters within the framework of the Silicon Europe Alliance
  • Cluster Focus Groups (Cyber Security & IoT, Health Technology, Cleanroom & Technology, Smart System & Integration)
  • Future days
  • Preparations for the flagship event in Spring 2019 (trade fair, working groups, Innovation Day)


Proven event formats that help the cooperation partners to get to know each other, such as the “Experts Brunch”, the “Spotlight” or the “Fieldtrip” will be continued not least for this reason. In the context of the Silicon Stage, videos with short presentations will be filmed, which will be made available on the website or on the competence map and which are intended to give a personal impression of the respective company or research institution and the people behind it.

All events can be found here.

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Few areas in our day-to-day life manage without products and components from the microelectronics, electronics or mechatronics industry. This, in turn, is a strong motor and an opportunity for the entire supplier industry. In my opinion, it is the suppliers, i.e. the small and medium-sized enterprises, that will benefit most from the microelectronics cluster Carinthia-Styria. The cluster is a platform that supports and encourages us suppliers to develop further and build new capabilities. For many this is even a stepping stone to access new sectors and markets.

Josef Ortner
CEO, Ortner Group

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