Secured Trusthworthy IoT Platform (STIP)

PROJECT PARTNEROur Consortium covering the complete value-chain

STIP focuses on the development and dissemination of an open and scalable technological framework for secure and trustworthy IoT solutions.

funded by

Ruth Aigner
+43 (0) 664 88 226 254

Main objectives

  • Enabling platform security through end-to-end use of the hardware security functions of the Secure Element from chip to application level
  • Embedded controller concept to ensure availability, maintainability, confidentiality and integrity for secure communication in IoT systems
  • Cloud-based selective and secure data collection, data analysis and selective decision support including secure communication to the application
  • Establishment of industry 4.0 application demonstrators in the field of data collection, analysis and preventive maintenance for evaluation and demonstration purposes

Use Case

The province of Carinthia is currently using a system of an industrial company, which deliver, for example, exhaust air data to the province of Carinthia at periodic intervals.
Problem: Can the province of Carinthia trust the data? à Manipulation might be possible. Therefore, the province of Carinthia installs its own system (STIP) to monitor the data of the company. Due to the STIP system, this data arrives safely at the authority and can be evaluated there via an analysis. STIP offers a complete solution in this case – from sensors that are installed, to the long-term evaluation of the data.

Past Activities and Events

With the focus on dissemination, we included STIP in events and workshops as far as it suited the topic.

March 2019:

The first event where the STIP project was represented was the #LetsCluster event at the end of March. There we had the opportunity to present our project during the Security Session.

September 2019:

This was followed by the Cyber Security Week in mid-September, where we were represented with the STIP project. At the end of September, we participated in the RFID-Workshop, a cluster focus group initiated by the cluster itself.

November 2019:

STIP was represented at the Innovation Congress – Tuesday, 12th to Thursday, 14th November 2019 with a stand on all days and was able to exchange and network with other companies.

December 2019:

The STIP project was also able to present itself at the Annual Meeting Silicon Alps in Spielberg. We had the opportunity to exchange information with interested, participating companies during a one-hour workshop.

July 2020:

Webinar: How to design secure end-to-end IoT communication applications with the EdgeLockTM SE050 plug and trust secure element Please find the Webinar report as well as the Web recording on our respective websites.

September 2020:

Project & use case presentation in the scope of the 76. Digital Dialog – Spotlight on Cybersecurity. Please find the report, as well as some photagraphic impressions of the booth and the Web recording in the Silicon Alps News Section.

Design Thinking Workshop

A great workshop took place on 26th of September at the InnoLab Graz, moderated by Gussmagg-art. About 15 companies took part. Interesting ideas and outputs developed out of this, with the aim of continuing our activities.

We would like to thank all participants. You were an enrichment and contributed a lot to the project!

The following companies participated:

  • ­CISC
  • NXP
  • trinitec
  • IoT40
  • Land Kärnten
  • Siemens
  • FLEX
  • Schäfer
  • Know-Center
  • Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt
  • Pilz

PS: If there are other interesting use cases that could be solved by STIP, we are always looking for suitable ones.

Activities 2020

One of our tasks for 2020 on behalf of the Silicon Alps Cluster is to plan an national and an international Open Innovation Day in cooperation with the Silicon Europe Alliance.

The goal of this event is on the one hand the presentation of our project and otherwise offering the companies there, the opportunity to talk to the consortium, who are involved in the project in order to create possible cooperations.