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Scale-EUp² is an acceleration program, financed under the Horizon 2020 framework, committed to help Deep Tech startup accelerate their development and scale up at European level.

ecoSystems Connected to AcceLerate and Encourage European Union start-uPs with high Potential…

…is a market driven project aiming to scale-up 30 start-ups in the field of Internet of Things/Deeptech through the connection of 4 hubs from France, Spain, Germany and Austria.

The market focus is on 4 emerging application domains of the IoT / Deeptech:

  • Smart Cities
  • Mobility
  • Industry 4.0 and
  • Health and Well-Being

Five events called DeepTech4Good will take place during the two-years period of the project in Paris (2x), Stuttgart, Graz and Barcelona to support start-ups to raise funds (fundraising pitch contests), meet large corporates from the areas (business to business meetings) and get involved in public-funded innovation and R&D collaborative projects (open innovation workshops).

Key Actions

Screening and mapping high-potential start-ups

The objective is to identify the start-ups with high growth potential, learn how to help them individually, organize coaching sessions to help the start-up fine-tune their strategy and identify the most relevant actions to connect them with strategic partners in the value chain, access emerging markets and attract investment. An online platform will be implemented to facilitate the identification of skilled employees and recruitments at the local and European scale.

Facilitating market access

A methodology will be developed to analyze the value chain taking into account the characteristics of the players targeted in the project, their development strategies, the diversity of technological bricks in the emerging field of “Internet of Things” and the specificities of the 4 applicative domains in the scope of the project to develop concrete, business oriented collaborations between the high-tech start-up. The value chains analysis will allow to organize open innovation workshops and matchmaking sessions, attracting stakeholders beyond the technological perimeter: public authorities, students, researchers, insurance companies and legal representatives.

Attracting private and public finance

After a benchmarking phase at each regional level, a board of private investors will participate in start-up fundraising challenges to evaluate the applications and the pitch sessions during the 6 events organized throughout the project. Moreover start-ups will be informed, during the open innovation workshops, of every public funding opportunities at the regional, national and the European level to transform the emerging ideas into collaborative projects.

Six Events

  • Startup/Scaleup Pitching Sessions
  • Speed Dating to Market
  • IoT Market Access Workshops
  • Job Dating

Paris: 11th of July 2018: press release

Stuttgart: 07th of November 2018: press release

Graz: 26th of March 2019: press release

Barcelona: 25th of April 2019: press release

Paris Investor’s Day: 13th of November 2019: press release

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