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Southern Austria a Mecca for RFID:It is the blacksmith of RFID future development

The development of RFID technology has a long tradition in Southern Austria. There is a collection of world leading companies with a high reputation in the industry.
More than 50 % of the RFID chips in use worldwide were developed in Styria.
Almost all companies are internationally active and employ around 2,000 people. The export share of the Styrian industry is over 90 %. World brands like Mifare, Hitag, Legic were made by Styrian companies to what they are today.

In 2020 there has been a restructuring of the cluster focus group with hybrid internal meetings and  online collection of topics  by means of Acceptify


…to raise awareness for the RFID technology and bring use cases and best practice applications to the attention of users and developers!

In the past three years the following fields of action have been intensively addressed:

The RFID Film provides an emotional insight into the spirits of the technical founding fathers of the technology through classic storytelling.

  • The strong regional reference always resonates with this founding mythos.

Our group RFID was strongly represented  at the #Lets Cluster 2019, Lighthouse Summit in the heart of Europe in Graz:

  • In the unique setting of the #Lets Cluster Social Event the cluster focus group RFID honored the Mikron founder and business angel Robert Koo
  • The cluster focus group RFID also planned the game Reach3 in order to promote the interactivity of the participants as well as the matchmaking among each other and to provide information about the technology and possible applications of RFID. 2be1 Consulting, erfideo software and contributors from the RFID / NFC community jointly implemented an app for the game and sponsored the conference with sufficient RFID tags (NXP). The participants were able to collect points through various interactions (with other participants, exhibitor stands, etc.). 10 The number of points “won” was deposited with a certain amount and will benefit a non-profit organization for digitizing a zoo for a young target group (Herberstein zoo)

Trust is strongly linked to the cross-cutting issue of awareness for RFID.

  • The topics “Trust” and “Privacy” are of high importance for the RFID technology and Electronics Based Systems in general.  With various campaigns and actions, the cluster also contributed to raising public awareness.

The involvement of Silicon Alps in Key Events such as: RFID Saxony tag, the NFC trade conference, RFID Tomorrow, TEDx or also iEEE Events .

  • The idea is to attach oneself to an existing format in order to create a greater impact. Furthermore, a joint appearance at relevant trade fairs is planned in order to give the region more visibility on the topic of RFID on a national, European and international level.

Competence Map , which shows and categorizes all relevant players of the region.

  • Integrators and  manufacturers shall produce a comprehensive compass on the subject of RFID, which will serve as a contact point and information portal. A kind of one-stop shop for all interested parties. The construct should provide information via several access points and transparently show which competences and know-how are available in the region. An industrialist who wants to deal with the topic should be presented with a solution or several solution options by entering a few pieces of information.

Support and promotion of cooperation in research projects

Current focus

The current focus of the RFID group since 2020 is to support the initiation of cooperation in projects. One step towards this is the current collection of RFID application fields, which have a high relevance for the Silicon Alps region. RFID technology depicts many potential uses, be they in production processes, logistics and trade, in health systems or in art and entertainment. Many of the collected ideas about the RFID use cases will be followed in the SPOT on RFID Event Series.
Forthcoming: 13.10.2020, SPOT on RFID in Graz:  RFID meets applications – vouchers as drivers of the local economy:

The participation at this event is possible on site as well as online. We are looking forward to your interest and active participation!


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Cluster Focus Group RFIDIt is the blacksmith of RFID future development

We are looking forward to your active participation!

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In order to appropriately draw attention to the subject of digitalisation, which is vital to Austria’s position as a business location, and to survive on the global market it is crucial that we join forces. The microelectronic cluster Styria-Carinthia adds momentum to the region of southern Austria, helping to raise competitiveness, increase the attractiveness of the business location, in particular for national and international talent and to strengthen the universities and research facilities.

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