Southern Austria: A Mecca for RFID

The development of RFID technology has a long tradition in Southern Austria. There is a collection of world leading companies with a high reputation in the industry. More than 50 % of the RFID chips in use worldwide were developed in Styria. Almost all companies are internationally active and employ around 2,000 people. The export share of the Styrian industry is over 90 %. World brands like Mifare, Hitag, Legic were made by Styrian companies to what they are today.

Manfred Hall


The focus of the RFID group is to support the initiation of cooperation in projects. One step towards this is the current collection of RFID application fields, which have a high relevance for the Silicon Alps region. RFID technology depicts many potential uses, be they in production processes, logistics and trade, in health systems or in art and entertainment. Many of the collected ideas about the RFID use cases will be followed in the SPOT on RFID Event Series.