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Health Technology:intelligent, networked, reliable and personalized

Founded in 2017 as a cooperation group between Silicon Alps and Styria (HTS).

The competencies and interests of the Silicon Alps and HTS partners should complement each other and generate added value through cooperation between providers of enabling technologies and producers of medical systems: joint projects, products, business development

Long-term vision

Southern Austria as a reference region for enabling technologies and solutions for smart health

2020 Goals

  • To promote the regional HealthTech strengths (especially sensor technology)
  • Enabling R&D and industry cooperation in the area


The growing digitalization has led to an exponential growth of health related data and has opened new opportunities for a more personalized diagnosis, therapy and care. The reliance on ubiqouitous and „big data“ from sensors has recently enabled an array of intelligent applications, among them the personalized health tracking, the patient monitoring (hospital or at home), the quantification of results, analystics and electronic health records.

The Silicon Alps Cluster already features a strong expertise in sensor technologies an the level of hardware, software and system integration, with relevance for key application fields.  In cooperation with Styria we want to make this visible to the producers of medical technology and to efficiently pool the diverse solutions and competences, which are mostly scattered in the regions of Styria and Carinthia. This is expected to generate new product and service ideas on the regional, national and international scale.


Smart Health Sessions in the #LetsCluster Conference in 2019

The smart health stream was organized in cooperation with Styria and DSP Valley and included over 18 talks of renowned companies and institutions, among them many Silicon Alps partners  (such as Flex, TDK Electronics, Analog Devices, Yole Developpment,  FH Kärnten, Know-Center, Material Center Leoben). International highlights came from Yole Developpment,  Health House Leuven, Easics and Verhaert.

The following main areas were covered: Smart Medical Systems and Devices, VR and AR (Health House Leuven), Robotics and Rehabilitation, AAL, Material Development for Health, AI for Health, and Advanced Imaging.  A special session dedicated to Patient Data included talks from KAGes and KABEG Villach, T-Systems, KML Vision, Steady Sense, Kaptsch Business Com.

Warm thanks to the moderators of the health sessions: Johan Lecocq (DSP Valley), Johann Harer ( Styria) and Daniela Krainer (FH Kärnten)

Strategy Workshop Sensor Technologies, Joanneum Research Graz

The workshop on  November 2019 focused on the future of sensor technology in the medical and health sector and presented in two keynotes the  perspectives of of Analog Devices and Silicon Austria Labs. Jan-Hein Broeders, Business Development Manager at Analog Devices, explained how the global company developed highly integrated measuring modules for the monitoring of vital parameters such as ECG, heart rate, blood pressure or blood sugar by modifying and combining existing standard components as well by consequent miniaturization. The second  keynote by Thomas Arnold, Project Leader of R&D projects in the field of photonic systems and sensor applications at Silicon Austria Labs conveyed a comprehensive picture of the recent developments in the South-Austrian area.

The workshop was organized by Silicon Alps in cooperation with Styria.

AICI Forum Villach

The congress on 6-7 December 2019 covered all aspects of AI in clinical imaging. It will set the stage for state-of-the-art keynotes, translational research presentations, tutorials for imaging scientists, networking, and a panel discussion featuring distinguished experts of different fields. A multidisciplinary audience is expected to discuss on novel AI-based applications, realistic and unrealistic expectations, legal challenges, and how AI can be a force for good. See congress  information at:


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In order to appropriately draw attention to the subject of digitalisation, which is vital to Austria’s position as a business location, and to survive on the global market it is crucial that we join forces. The microelectronic cluster Styria-Carinthia adds momentum to the region of southern Austria, helping to raise competitiveness, increase the attractiveness of the business location, in particular for national and international talent and to strengthen the universities and research facilities.

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