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Cleanroom & Technology:Comprehension, Technical Specialization, Synergy

The group was founded in June 2018 and comprises of Silicon Alps partners who are suppliers of clean room solutions for microelectronics, mechatronics, electronics production companies, as well as industrial users and research institutions.

Their long-term vision:

The manufacturing industry in southern Austria benefits from a well-developed regional supplier landscape with a special focus on clean room services along the Silicon Alps value chain

2020 Goals

  • Support of the manufacturing  industry (focus on electronics/microelectronics/mechatronics) with expertise from cleanrooms environments  & technology



Cleanroom & Technology:Comprehension, Technical Specialization, Synergy

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Few areas in our day-to-day life manage without products and components from the microelectronics, electronics or mechatronics industry. This, in turn, is a strong motor and an opportunity for the entire supplier industry. In my opinion, it is the suppliers, i.e. the small and medium-sized enterprises, that will benefit most from the microelectronics cluster Carinthia-Styria. The cluster is a platform that supports and encourages us suppliers to develop further and build new capabilities. For many this is even a stepping stone to access new sectors and markets.

Josef Ortner
CEO, Ortner Group

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