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Production of the future:intelligent, agile, reliable, environmentally and socially responsible

“Carinthia and Styria are important industrial locations with significant competencies and know-how in the fields of automation technology, mechanical engineering and plant construction, IT and production.”

Long-term vision 

The cooperation between the suppliers of solutions and users  in the production area is made possible quickly and efficiently through inter-cluster cooperation

2020 Goals

Technology Orientation

  • Where / How can you identify and use new technologies at an early stage?
  • Who can help you assess whether a technology is relevant for your own company?

Enabling collaborations in the area of ​​smart production

  • How potential partner companies that already have experience with a certain technology be found?
  • How come into contact with the most indicated discussion partner?



Founded in October 2018 as a cooperation group of Silicon Alps and automation platform Styria (AT Styria). Openness to cooperation with other initiatives such as platform Industry 4.0, regional Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Yearly a  “Topic of the Year” is pursued in Carinthia as well as Styria in order to exploit the potential in both regions:
2019- Additive Manufacturing
2020- Suggested: Hyperautomation, integrating tools and technologies that amplify the ability to automate work.


Smart Manufacturing Stream in # LetsCluster.

26-27 March, Messecongress Graz

The LetsCluster Conference (26-27.03.2019) included a series of 17 expert talks in the field of smart manufacturing. The sessions were organized in close cooperation with AT Styria, Silicon Saxony and Platform Industry 4.0. Following topics were covered: general trends in fabs, production and process technologies, advanced materials, digitization of production, and sensitive automation. Among the speakers were many level representatives of  Silicon Alps companies such as the WILD Group, Flex, TDK-Electronics, DERWID, MCL, PCCL, Siemens AG, PILZ and Joanneum Robotics. We proudly highlight the participation of national and international speakers coming from the cooperation clusters Silicon Saxony and AT Styria: Magna Steyr, AIS Automation Dresden,  ZigPos, EVON, 3D Micromac and charismaTec. Warm thanks to the moderators of the sessions: Roland Sommer (Platform Industry 4.0), Udo Traussnigg (FH Campus 02), Elke Kraker (MCL) and Yvonne Sammer.

The SpotLight on Additive Manufacturing 1, 4.06.2019 at the GPS-Ausbildungszentrum Villach provided participants with expert knowledge about the meaning and tools for the early technology assessment, while also ensuring a deep-dive into a hot technological topic: additive manufacturing. The mix of the keynote, best practice presentations and live experiencing the additive manufacturing infrastructure and processes has generated a lively and stimulating working and discussion atmosphere.

The second SpotLight on Aditive Manufacturing (Advanced Materials and Precision Engineering) on 2.10 2019 conveyed recent knowledge and best-practice examples, this time with a stronger Styrian flavor. It combined  talks,  live experiencing of 3D Print technology and match-making of needs for additive manufacturing vs. solutions provided by the participating companies and research institutions. The talks and discussions were rounded by a live tour in which one could experience the way from the idea to the prototype in a 200-year-old farmhouse.

Proposed fields of action

Priorities for 2019:

  • Where do you find new technologies early on – technology radar?
  • Who helps to evaluate whether a technology is interesting for one’s own company?
  • At the enterprise level, how do you find potential partner companies that already have experience with a particular technology?
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Few areas in our day-to-day life manage without products and components from the microelectronics, electronics or mechatronics industry. This, in turn, is a strong motor and an opportunity for the entire supplier industry. In my opinion, it is the suppliers, i.e. the small and medium-sized enterprises, that will benefit most from the microelectronics cluster Carinthia-Styria. The cluster is a platform that supports and encourages us suppliers to develop further and build new capabilities. For many this is even a stepping stone to access new sectors and markets.

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